Faculty Profile

Julie Farrell

Building: Peirce 305
Phone: 201-216-3493
Email: jfarrell@stevens.edu
School:  College of Arts & Letters

Ph.D. Social Sciences, University College Dublin
G.Dip. Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise, The Innovation Academy, Dublin, Ireland
M.A. American Studies, University College Dublin
B. Journalism, The University of Texas at Austin
B.A. English, Communications, The University of Texas at Austin


Globalization, Cities in the Global Economy, Place Marketing, Urban Cosmopolitanism, Knowledge Workers, Mobile Workers, Global Corporations in the Local Environment

General Information

Julie Farrell received a double Bachelor's degree in English & Communications (B.A. 2006) and Journalism (B.J. 2007) from The University of Texas at Austin, where she was also a scholarship swimmer. She then relocated to Dublin, Ireland, where she completed her M.A. and Ph.D. from University College Dublin in American Studies and Social Sciences, respectively. 

Farrell's dissertation, "When Global Meets Local: The Strategic Embracement of Globalization in Ireland", examined the process by which Ireland achieved globalization and specifically focused on the ways in which the local environment was altered in order to engage with these processes. Her fieldwork at Google's European Headquarters was the first internal research to be conducted at Google outside the United States. 

Institutional Service

Faculty mentor - 2013 Stevens Solar Decathlon Communications Team.

Selected Publications
  1. Julie Farrell. (Mar 2013). "Globalization: How Google Transformed Ireland", Humanities Forum, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.
Conference Proceedings
  1. Julie Farrell. (2011). "Chasing the Rainbow: Innovation Policy of the "Smart Economies" in Post-Globalized U.S. and Ireland", The British Association for American Studies Conference at the University of Central Lancashire.
  2. Julie Farrell. (2011). "The Birth of the "Innovation Island": Promoting the Smart Economy in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland", New Voices in Irish Criticism Postgraduate Conference at University College Dublin.
  3. Julie Farrell. (2010). "Selling Innovation: An analysis of framing and identity in the cities of Austin, Texas, and Dublin, Ireland", The British Association for American Studies Conference at the University of East Anglia.
  4. Conference Co-Organizer. (Sep 22, 2010). Post-Globalization: Rethinking the Relationship of Ireland and the United States, University College Dublin.
  5. Julie Farrell. (2009). "The Cosmopolitan Internet?: American Web Corporations and the Globalization of Internet Culture", Biannual Conference of the Nordic Association for American Studies at the University of Copenhagen. .
  6. Julie Farrell. (2009). "The New Corporate Responsibility", Irish Association for American Studies Postgraduate Symposium at University College Dublin.
  • HSS 377 Sociology of Globalization
  • CAL 495 Special Topics in Digital Media and Communications