English Language & Communications (ELC)

Stevens Institute of Technology provides assistance with English writing and communication skills to all graduate students. Please visit the Stevens Graduate Admissions site for the English Language Proficiency requirements.

English Language & Communication Intensive

This course will introduce and review the organization and logic of English rhetoric for non-native English speakers. It will demonstrate how these principles can be useful not only in writing, but also in reading, listening to lectures and giving oral presentations. There will be practice in oral presentation including discrete pronunciation elements of stress, intonation and rhythm (segmentals and supersegmentals) as well as presentation and discussion skills. Students will review the mechanics of sentence structure and verb tenses and learn to develop coherence within and between paragraphs. Library use will be introduced. 

English Language & Communication Level I

This course will provide non-native English speaking students with improved reading comprehension and writing skills. Emphasis will be given to paraphrasing, summarizing, outlining, and studying from a text of technical readings. Learn to develop a thesis, research and document an essay, as well as write argumentative-explanatory essays.

English Language & Communication Level II

This course is designed to help non-native English speaking students position themselves as successful members of Stevens’ graduate community through an improved understanding of academic conventions. By resolving questions of rhetoric and language through text analysis and class discussions, students become more critical readers and effective writers. Additionally, refining the use of stylistic tools, such as structure, syntax, and vocabulary, will result in clearer and more precise written and verbal communication. Through a variety of task-based activities, such as email writing, problem-solution and process writing, data commentary, and summary writing, the student will have the opportunity to improve the communication of both sourced and non-sourced information. Students will also refine critical elements of pronunciation by giving formal and informal presentations.

In addition, the Writing and Communications Center (WCC) provides all students with expert writing assistance and consultation. The WCC also runs English conversation groups and pronunciation workshops. The full schedule is available here.

For additional information about our programs and resources at Stevens, contact Sophie Hales, Coordinator, or Helene Beck, Assistant Coordinator, at (201) 216-5370.

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