Philosophy Courses

HPL 111 Philosophy I: Theories of Human Nature HPL 112 Science and Metaphysics
HPL 339 Ethics HPL 340 Social and Political Philosophy
HPL 345 Introduction to Minority Group Identity and Legal Theory HPL 346 Modern Philosophy
HPL 347 Theories of Knowledge and Reality HPL 348 Aesthetics
HPL 350 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy HPL 368 Philosophy of Science
HPL 369 Science and Religion HPL 370 Philosophy of Technology
HPL 371 Philosophy of Time HPL 380 Environmental Ethics
HPL 440 Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity in Contemporary Global Perspective HPL 442 Logic
HPL 443 The Philosophy of Language HPL 444 Philosophy of Mind
HPL 445 The history of Philosophy HPL 447 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud: the Modern Individual and Society
HPL 448 Contemporary Philosophy HPL 449 Philosophy of Law
HPL 450 Global and International Ethics HPL 455 Ethical Issues in Science and Technology
HPL 457 Bioethics HPL 458 Computability and Logic
HPL 459 The Philosophy of Social Science HPL 460 Philosophy and Feminism
HPL 461 American Philosophy HPL 462 Eastern Philosophy
HPL 463 Existentialism HPL 464 Philosophy in Film
HPL 468 Women Philosophers of the Twentieth Century HPL 470 War and Human Nature
HPL 480 Environmental Policy: Philosophical and Economic Issues HPL 495 Seminar in Philosophy