History Courses

HHS 119 The Ancient World HHS 120 Origins of Western Culture
HHS 123 European Society and Cultural History to 1500 HHS 124 History of European Society and Culture Since 1500
HHS 125 United States History to 1865 HHS 126 United States History Since 1865
HHS 129 Topics in the History of Science and Technology HHS 130 History of Science and Technology
HHS 135 Survey of the Islamic World HHS 301 Introduction to Historical Methods
HHS 309 Newton and the Scientific Revolution HHS 310 Social History of Science
HHS 311 Science and Society in the 20th Century HHS 312 Technology and Society in America
HHS 313 Science, Faith, and the American Imagination HHS 319 The Roman Republic
HHS 322 American Cultural History HHS 323 Women and Gender in American History
HHS 325 African-American Studies HHS 338 The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Regime
HHS 340 History of the Middle East to 1800 HHS 341 History of the Middle East Since 1800
HHS 345 Science and Technology in Islamic History HHS 355 U.S. Foreign Relations
HHS 356 The Golden Age of Athens HHS 357 Latin American History
HHS 361 Scientific Revolution: Galileo HHS 363 Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution
HHS 365 History of Modern Germany HHS 367 Twentieth-Century History
HHS 369 Studies in the Scientific Revolution HHS 370 US Constitutional Law I: Early Foundations and Federalism
HHS 371 Modern US Presidency and the Legislative Process HHS 373 US Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
HHS 374 Psychohistory HHS 378 Modern European History
HHS 382 The Spanish Republic and the Civil War HHS 384 The United States and the Rise of the Modern Middle East
HHS 386 Ancient Civilizations: The Roman Empire HHS 390 History of Money, Credit, and Banking
HHS 391 Metropolitan Developmental Studies HHS 397 Historical Materialism
HHS 414 Industrial America HHS 415 Religion in America
HHS 420 Modern East Asian Studies HHS 429 The Scientist, the Engineer, and the Computer
HHS 430 History of Modern Turkey HHS 431 20th Century Arab Nationalism
HHS 432 History of Nationalism in the Middle East HHS 433 History of Central Asia
HHS 434 History of the Ottoman Empire HHS 451 From Ape to Adam: Understanding Human Evolution
HHS 453 Justice in War HHS 460 Technogenesis in American History
HHS 465 Engineering in History HHS 466 Engineering in History II
HHS 468 History of the World HHS 469 History of England: 1066 - Present
HHS 473 Renaissance Studies: Leonardo da Vinci HHS 475 Environmental Sustainability in Historical Perspective
HHS 476 History of Medicine HHS 479 Studies in the History of Technology
HHS 483 History and Geography HHS 495 Seminar in History