Social Sciences Courses

COGN 603 Practicum HSS 121 Introduction to Urban Studies I: Early Cities and Civilizations
HSS 122 Introduction to Urban Studies II: Modern Cities and Local Politics HSS 127 Introduction to Political Science I: National Government
HSS 128 Introduction to Political Science II: Judicial Process HSS 141 Introduction to Sociology
HSS 142 Introduction to Sociology II HSS 175 Fundamentals of Psychology I: Brain, Mind and Behavior
HSS 176 Fundamentals of Psychology II: Development, Personality, and Pathology HSS 321 Modern Urban Culture
HSS 322 Cultural Studies HSS 324 Comparative Ethnic Culture
HSS 325 Identity Politics and Legal Theory HSS 330 Developmental Psychology
HSS 331 Biological Psychology HSS 360 Public Policy Analysis
HSS 371 Computers and Society HSS 373 Social Choice Theory
HSS 375 History of Psychology HSS 376 Theories of Personality
HSS 377 Sociology of Globalization HSS 379 International Politics
HSS 380 Energy, Politics and Administration HSS 401 Seminar in Leadership Studies
HSS 410 Arab Nationalism and the Formation of the Middle East HSS 415 Islamic Political Thought
HSS 441 Gender and Race in Science and Engineering HSS 454 The Geography of Science
HSS 458 Sociology of Science and Technology HSS 477 Psychology of Religion
HSS 478 Psychology of Gender HSS 479 Sociology of Gender
HSS 480 Introduction to Anthropology HSS 481 Cultural Anthropology
HSS 488 Science and Human Nature HSS 489 Freud and Jung
HSS 495 Seminar in Social Science