Corporate Resources

The College of Arts and Letters is proud to offer its educational services to the broader business community. Our instructors provide specialized training seminars and workshops on all forms of corporate writing and communications including e-mails, memos, reports, proposals, oral presentations and PowerPoint slideshows.


Clear, meaningful, efficient communication is a necessity and a challenge for any organization. Your company's valuable time, effort and resources go to waste every time your team members generate documents or e-mails that confuse the audience, or presentations that do not achieve their intended purpose.

Our experienced communications instructors can help you and your team:

  • Avoid common communication pitfalls
  • Analyze audience needs to make sure you are speaking to them and not past them
  • Utilize a professional document structure for maximum clarity and impact
  • Write effective memos, reports and proposals
  • Support arguments with meaningful facts and data
  • Understand the distinctions between internal and external communication
  • Incorporate strong visuals (charts, graphs, tables, diagrams)
  • Compose meaningful and effective summaries and abstracts
  • Generate clear e-mails...quickly!
  • Choose the appropriate tone for your document
  • Improve grammar fundamentals and avoid common mistakes
  • Structure powerful oral presentations
  • Create relevant and compelling PowerPoint slides
  • Practice presentation delivery
  • Incorporate (and understand the limitations of) social media in the workplace

Course material can be tailored to your company's specific needs and delivered in a variety of timeframes providing maximum impact with minimal disruption.

For more information on how we can help your organization communicate more productively, contact our Communications Coordinator or call (201) 477-0396.