Incoming Students

Undergraduate Students

Congratulations on your acceptance into the School of Business. During orientation week that occurs immediately before the first week of classes, you will be assigned a faculty member who will serve as your advisor and mentor as you go through your four-year program. Your faculty advisor will be able to answer many of the questions you may have and you will meet him/her during orientation week.

Class Schedules

You will also receive your class schedule during orientation week, as well as have many other issues addressed such as student housing, campus life, dining alternatives, the Stevens Honor System, and so forth. However, should you have any questions or other issues you need to address prior to orientation week, you should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Graduate/Ph.D. Students

Welcome to the School of Business. The admission letter you received contains important information including the name and contact information of your academic advisor. The letter may also have information under the title "Academic Requirements."  Anything listed here has been determined during your admission process; you must fulfill these requirements before graduation.

On-Campus Evening Students

During the first semester, you will need to develop a study plan, listing the courses that you must take to obtain your degree and the anticipated semester in which you will take these courses. The study plans may be accessed from the home page of the program in which you are accepted. Note that you do not need to complete a study plan before you register for your first classes, but it must be done by the end of your first semester.

Saturday and Off-Campus Students

If you are attending classes on Saturdays, at a corporate-sponsored location, or at another off-campus location, the procedures and schedules are specialized to the particular program and location in which you are enrolled. Please contact your program administrator for specific details.