Knowledge Creation

The main goals of Knowledge Creations are:

  • Create new knowlege within the community
  • Connect, aquire, exchange and build new knowlege
  • New science occurs through the process of building upon internal and external knowledge communities.

Read more... on Enhancing Organizational Knowledge Creation for Breakthrough Innovation: Tools and Techniques; by Peter Koen, Richard McDermott, Robb Olsen, and Charles Prather.
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Goal: Create a real and virtual environment for continuous learning by and for key inventors to provide them with a broad repertoire of both technical and business management techniques for achieving breakthrough Products and Services
Papers on Communities of Practice


Technology maps which define the core capabilities, competencies and gaps of the organization Technology Knowledge Strategy should be based on Core Competencies and Capabilities of the Organization
  • Core Competencies and capabilities are more enduring than product and market knowledge


Where will the new products of the future come from?

  • Nothing happens until there is a vision
  • Genuine energy, enthusiasm and preference occurs, even in the face of setbacks, when people understand the vision of the future
  • It is a process of continually focusing and refocusing on what one truly wants



"Collaborative" Project Snapshots

  • Captures the current and past learning of the projects
  • Approaches, insights and outcomes are captured from experiences of:
    • What is working?
    • Has worked?
    • What hasn't?

- LiveLink
- NetMeeting
- WebEx

5. IT TOOLS - Better Enable Knowledge Creation

Intellectual Property

Technology Search Engines
Semantic search engines allow one to more quickly search technology literature

Co-citation Literature Searching
Method for analyzing vast amounts of literature and identifying promising new scientific areas based on relatedness and age of primary citations used

  • VXInsight

Visualization Tools

Inventing Tools
Methods of Problem Solving using IT tools to support the methodology
TRIZ (the Russian acronym for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

Mind Mapping

Intellectual Property Patent Factory
Methods and software for increasing the quality and quantity of patent "real-estate" using existing companies intellectual property and competitors and building higher patent fences