FEI - SPI Survey

FEI-SPI stands for Front End of Innovation - Survey, Probe, Intervention. A survey on the front end of innovation has been developed by a World Class Industrial and Academic Team using the New Concept Model as a construct to provide a common language for the FEI. This survey gives you the opportunity to benchmark your company against the top and bottom performance and generates its results out of a database with more than 600 individual responses from over 230 Strategic Business Units. Contact [email protected]  for a sanitized benchmarking report.

How was this survey developed?

The survey was developed over a 1 year period by an industrial and academic team using the New Concept Development Model as a construct for the survey. The Industrial Team consisted of

  • Heather Alderman (Industrial Research Institute),
  • Christina Bramante (Cabot),
  • Scott Boyce (Rohm and Haas),
  • Robin Dvorak (Industrial Research Institute),
  • Cindi Hartz (Dow Corning),
  • Kathy Herald-Marlowe (Marlowe & Associates),
  • Michael Incorvia (International Flavors & Fragrances),
  • Ken Lauer (Creative Problem Solving Group),
  • Drew Kugler (Welch Allyn),
  • Rita Pilate (J&J Consumer),
  • Lorette Pruden (Inventive Strategies),
  • Becky Seibert (Chemtura),
  • Jeff Stirrat (Ethicon), and
  • Brenda L. Tollett (Valvoline)

  The Academic Team consisted of

  • Peter Koen - Principal Investigator (Stevens Institute of Technology and Director of Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship - a research entity founded in 1988 whose primary focus is on improving the front end);
  • Elko Kleinschmidt - Principal Investigator (McMasters University). Elko pioneered with Robert Cooper on Best Practices in the Stage Gate Process and Portfolio Methodology;
  • Dorothy Leonard Consultant (Harvard) - Premier thought leader in the role of creativity in business; and
  • Eric Von Hippel Consultant (MIT) - Pioneer in studying how breakthroughs actually occur.

How was this effort funded?

This effort is being funded through the Innovation and Organizational Directorate of the National Science Foundation and the Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship at Stevens Institute of Technology .

How can I participate?

Please contact [email protected]  if you are interested in participating.