Peter Koen's Pre-Conference Presentation (May 19th)

You can download his presentation HERE .

Agenda of US Front End of Innovation 2008

We are already up to the 6 th Annual Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston. The consistent success of the front end of innovation conference over the last five years is its best indicator of quality. Below, we provide a brief overview of the conference. For more information, you can visit the conference website. You can also obtain a digital copy of the conference brochure there (after registration).
This year there are two pre-conference symposiums: one on open innovation and one on corporate responsibility and sustainability. You can also opt for a full day workshop on the front end of innovation or several half day workshops. The opening night keynote staring "the second city improv team" looks like the perfect kick-off for the rest of the conference. This keynote will combine presentation, entertainment and audience participating, bringing all attendees in an interactive mode stimulating improvisation and innovation.
The Tuesday keynotes include Peter Guber (founder and chairman of Mandalay Entertainment Group), Günter Pauli (founder and director of Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) & Janine Benyus (co-founder of the Biomimicry Guild), and Dean Kamen (inventor, entrepreneur, and tireless advocate for science and technology; FIRST Robots). In the afternoon, there are five concurrent tracks on 1) an exploration of the anatomy of a breakthrough, 2) and now my company says "make it green", 3) can innovation be made predictable?, 4) enabling innovation through workspace design, and 5) innovation thought leaders. The Wednesday keynotes include A.G. Lafley (chairman of the board and chief executive officer of P&G), Deborah Ancona (Seley distinguished professor of management and faculty director of MIT leadership center at MIT Sloan School of Management), Ray Kurzweil (award-wining technology expert, inventor & NYT bestselling author), and Michael Giersch (vice president of strategic planning at IBM Corporate Strategy). In the afternoon, there are five concurrent tracks on 1) finding the next big thing - the anatomy of a breakthrough (part 2), 2) understanding customer needs - China, India and Brazil, 3) user experiences for service innovation, 4) innovative innovation: new approaches to ideation, and 5) innovation thought leaders.
Sounds sufficient to satisfy your hunger to learn about the front end?