Roundtable February 2012

Human Error Prevention

Human errors are the cause of many workplace accidents and deaths, the root cause of billions of dollars lost, and a critical area of focus for all industries and for the military.

February Roundtable -

  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
  • 11:30 AM-4:00 PM
  • ISO, Jersey City, NJ

Human Error Prevention

If you look at some of the errors we commit every day -- driving through a stop sign, forgetting an important event or deliverable, omitting a critical safety check in the workplace -- it may not be clear that there is an underlying series of cognitive causes that drive us to do these things.   Understanding the causes of human error, and the underlying brain physiology that lead to them, will allow us to classify the error types we commit, identify error traps, and identify the situations that lead to human error.  This will help us figure out ways to reduce them, ameliorate them, and work differently to proactively avoid errors in the work place.

After this Roundtable, participants will be able to:

  • Define human error
  • Differentiate error reduction from error prevention
  • List the ways and underlying reasons errors occur
  • Map how the human brain contributes to errors
  • Identify error traps
  • Identify and use tools designed to prevent human error in the workplace

As usual, we look to share challenges and ideas through an interactive session.  We encourage participants to bring a story of either a near-miss or an actual error, along with two-three perceived reasons why it may have happened.  This meeting will provide an opportunity to ask for advice and share practices/procedures for reducing errors and accidents.  Be assured that confidentiality will be respected; the examples will not be published, and will only be referred to during the Roundtable.

The meeting location will be communicated shortly.  Dress code is business casual.  Please register by return e-mail, and indicate whether you intend to participate in the luncheon.