2008 Roundtable July


Howe School Alliance for Technology Management

Roundtable Meeting 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
1:30 - 4:30 PM (Lunch 12:30-1:30)

The next Howe School Alliance Roundtable meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 22 at Alcatel-Lucent, 67 Whippany Road, Whippany, NJ.

The topic will be:

The Challenge of Change in Pursuit of Innovation: Practical Applications

Successful organizations face a paradoxical tension when they engage in substantial change: they need to keep current operations successful as they modify those operations. Troubled companies and departments often face a different challenge: they need to change just about everything as quickly as possible.  Responding to your feedback, this Roundtable continues our investigation of the challenge of change by offering and examining specific strategies and tactics.  This applications-oriented session will have as key topics:

  • Structuring and Executing a Change Strategy - Revisiting To What, For What, and For Whom with the Delta Strategy
  • The Ambidextrous Challenge: A Two-Fisted Approach to Moving Forward
  • Diffusing Resistance - Changing Thinking Before Changing Operations
  • Open Source Innovation: Group Mind, not Groupthink
  • The Gap between Vision and Execution: What's Yum! Got to Do with It?
  • Change Without Pain (Really?)

The Roundtable will be led by two facilitators, Roy Nicolosi of ISO and Tony Le Storti of IDEATECTS.  You will receive a reminder email a week or so before the Roundtable containing some "seed questions" to help prepare your thinking for this session.  While we will build on the foundation laid in previous Roundtables, it is not necessary to have attended past Roundtables to benefit from this one.

Download Roundtable Materials