2008 Roundtable Apr

The Challenge of Organizational Change in Pursuit of Innovation: II

We had three outstanding facilitators at the February meeting, and they have very kindly agreed to return in April to lead the follow-up discussions: Roy Nicolosi of ISO, Tony Le Storti of IDEATECTS, and Jack Emert of Infineum.

We will provide in advance copies of the slides used previously by the facilitators and ask both attendees and facilitators to select a few issues that they would like to discuss in more depth.  Some examples that could provide grist for the April meeting, with our facilitators leading:

  • We could go into more detail on fiefdoms or overlapping products (What are the subtle signs of resistance?  What are the experiences of the participants? How did they overcome them?)
  • Wikinomics and open source innovation
  • The pros and cons of innovation by acquisition 
  • "Isolation vs. integration" in striving for more innovation while conducting the base business
  • How are they hiring the new breed at Infineum? 
  • How do you change performance evaluations to foster innovative change? 
  • What are the participants doing from an HR point of view? 
  • A more systemic perspective of organizational change with topics like "fixes that fail"
  • Issues raised by attendees based on the handouts/discussion of the February meeting (we welcome any suggestions in advance of the meeting, or bring them with you)

We obviously won't be able to cover all of these issues, but as is our custom at Roundtables we will follow where the specific interests and needs of the Alliance Partners lead, and use the discussion to shape the agendas for subsequent meetings.
As mentioned above, you need not have attended the February 13 Roundtable to benefit from this one.  If you can spare a full day on the 30th, however, there is an opportunity to catch what you missed by attending the reprise of the February meeting.

Reprise of February 13 Roundtable meeting, 9:30 AM-12:00 noon

As the attendees of the February 13 meeting will attest, that Roundtable was a rich meeting that laid out the basics around the issue of Organizational Change in Pursuit of Innovation, offered a sense of the challenge involved, pointed to potential courses of action -- and whetted appetites for more.  If enough people are interested, Roy, Tony, and Jack have kindly volunteered to facilitate a reprise of the February 13 meeting on the morning of April 30.

Roy and Tony together will outline the key aspects of the problem and some initial process strategies.  Jack will provide a living case study, as he updates us on his company's on-going efforts at substantial organizational change in the pursuit of innovation.
This is a wonderful opportunity for those who were deterred by the weather from attending the February meeting.  Attendees of the February meeting may want to commend the reprise to colleagues in their organizations, and may even want to attend themselves notwithstanding their earlier attendance.  No two Roundtables can ever be identical because of the different interactions stimulated by the diversity of the attendees, and it would provide a running start to the afternoon discussion.

Whether you are attending the morning session, the afternoon session or both, please plan to attend the luncheon, kindly hosted by Stryker, which will provide the opportunity to socialize with fellow participants. 

Directions to Stryker are here .  Dress code is business casual.  Please let Sharen Glennon ([email protected] or 201-216-5381) know if you are planning to attend one or both meetings, and please circulate this announcement to others in your organization that you think may be interested.


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