July 2006 Roundtable

Creativity: Application and Models/Methods (II)

In the February and April Roundtable meetings, participants were

Alliance Partner Working Council representatives have been asked, in a separate message, to submit a few current problems that your organizations would like to solve -- problems that either haven’t been addressed yet, or for which the organization is at a stalemate in solving. If you would like to submit a problem of your own, or know of a colleague who would be interested in potentially getting some help, here are the other criteria you should use in selecting a potential problem:

Authenticity: the challenge must be real, rather than hypothetical

Creative Potential: the challenge should call for a creative solution, e.g. you haven’t been able to solve and are open to new ideas.

Manageable in Scale: although the challenges should be “moderately” difficult, we will be able to work on them for only a relatively short period of time.

Ownership: the challenge must be one for which the problem-poser has some significant degree of responsibility or authority to take action.

Comfort Level: the challenge must be one for which the problem-poser would be willing to be a client and would feel comfortable discussing with the group.

Confidentiality: the problem-poser can state the problem in a general-enough way that it does not disclose proprietary information

Please coordinate with the Alliance Working Council Representative in your organization if you are interested in submitting a problem for consideration. This is a wonderful opportunity to get some potentially valuable help from some good thinkers, in a creative and collegial setting. Please submit the problems by Monday, June 26.

Dress code is business casual.  As usual, please let Sharen Glennon ([email protected] or 201-216-5381) know the names of attendees.

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Roundtable Takeaways