Past Events

HSATM Past Events

Roundtable, November 15, 2011

Highlights of selected faculty research will be presented and the potential business implications discussed. [more...]

Roundtable, September 27, 2011

Key Lessons in Managing for Innovation

Achieving innovation effectively is among the chief challenges faced by organizations today.  This Roundtable meeting is accordingly designed to survey some of the key lessons, research findings, and best practices in the field today.  [more...]

Roundtable, July 12, 2011

Leveraging Innovation Globally

The July Roundtable meeting will extend the discussion started at the May meeting aimed at investigating how organizations can become more effective at leveraging innovation globally.  [ more... ]

Roundtable, May 5, 2011

Leveraging Innovation Globally Many HSATM Roundtable meetings over the years have dealt with various aspects of innovation.  This should not surprise, for innovation has come to be recognized as the principal engine that drives business and national growth.  "Economists and business leaders across the political spectrum are slowly coming to an agreement: Innovation is the best - and maybe the only - way the U.S. can get out of its economic hole." (Business Week, September 11, 2008). [ more... ]

Roundtable, February 16, 2011

Crisis Leadership: Preventing, Containing, Restoring - Concluded
A crisis is an event that threatens, or has the potential to threaten, the organization.  Crisis leadership is not crisis management, the reaction (in large part, public relations) to an unfortunate event.  Rather, it is the continuously proactive approach to anticipating and preventing such problems, and, should they nevertheless occur, containing their impact and restoring the organization as quickly as possible to full operation. [ more... ]


Roundtable, November 16, 2010

Selected Faculty Research Presentations The next Howe School Alliance Roundtable meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 16th.  Highlights of selected faculty research projects will be presented and the potential business implications discussed. Abstracts of the presentations are below. [more...]

Roundtable, October 25, 2010

Crisis Leadership: Preventing, Containing, Restoring Under the broad theme of "New Thinking for Today's Leaders", the 2010 HSATM Roundtable meetings have addressed the implications of the "new leadership thinking" for communicating and gaining acceptance of significantly new initiatives, as well as for motivating today's knowledge professionals.  The October meeting will turn to the implications of the new thinking for crisis leadership. [more...]

Roundtable, July 29, 2010

New Thinking for Today's Leaders: Connecting Some Dots The July 29 meeting will advance our exploration of the HSATM theme for 2010, "New Thinking for Today's Leaders."  Based upon contemporary research and current case studies, we have been investigating how leaders, at all levels, should be thinking when they confront situations of complexity. [more...]

Conference, June 15, 2010

New Thinking for Today's Leader The process of leadership is undergoing profound transformation, driven by the powerful forces that are re-shaping the business environment. Among these forces are the shrinking of the world due to the revolution in communications; an increasingly virtual work environment; the increasing diversity of the workforce that has introduced a wide array of differing values, perspectives and expectations; the explosion of cross-cultural engagements as companies establish their services across vast geographic spaces -- all of which, among others, are overlaid on the most severe disruption to the world economy since the Great Depression. [more...]

Roundtable, April 28, 2010

New Thinking for Today's Leader:Contemporary Perspectives on Motivation The central theme of our 2010 Roundtable meetings and Conference is "New Thinking for Today's Leader".  Drawing upon contemporary research and current case studies, the year's meetings are focusing on how leaders, at all levels, think -- or should think -- when they confront situations of complexity and uncertainty, especially with regard to decision-making, crises, strategy formulation, change and transformation. [more...]

Roundtable, February 17, 2010

New Thinking for Today's Leader:Communicating and Gaining Acceptance for New Ideas The topic of leadership, in the broadest sense, has been a frequent subject of HSATM Roundtable meetings.  As we embark upon our 18th year of Roundtables, we have chosen " New Thinking for Today's Leader" as the core theme for the 2010 meetings. [more...]

Roundtable, November 18, 2009

Selected Howe School Faculty Presentations
The next Howe School Alliance Roundtable meeting will be held on November 18 at 1:30 PM and will be dedicated to Selected Faculty Research Presentations.  Highlights of four research projects will be presented and the potential business implications discussed. [more...]

Roundtable, September 23, 2009

Leading Multi-Generational Teams: Practical Solution's for Today's Leaders.
At the September Roundtable, we will identify solutions to the issues raised at the last meeting and discuss how managers/leaders can create highly effective multi-generational teams.  The discussion will focus on how team performance can be optimized, by better understanding the differences and strengths of the participating generations.  Steve Jacobs will facilitate an interactive discussion, again making use of a multi-generational panel. [more...]

Roundtable, July 23, 2009

Leading in a Changing Environment: Leading Multi-Generational Teams
One of today's key challenges for management is the presence of up to four generations, with four distinct and different cultures, working side-by-side (or struggling to do so).  The successful leader of today must know how to navigate the shoals of the generational culture gaps that manifest themselves through distinct differences in values, motivators, de-motivators, communication and use of technology. [more...]

Conference, June 10, 2009

Leading in a changing environment
Today's business leaders, in technology, marketing, manufacturing, finance, general management, IT, HR......., are facing extraordinary challenges. These all spell CHANGE.  Leadership, however, is all about change.  It is about plotting new routes to the future, surmounting unforeseen obstacles, achieving distant goals.  The Eighteenth Annual HSATM Conference will focus on working successfully through change as the essence of leadership, at all levels of the organization. [more...]

Roundtable, April 29, 2009

Working in the Virtual Environment: Practical Experiences
We learned about ways of working virtually and about the many potential obstacles to working effectively in the virtual environment.  Yet, working virtually will become more and more prevalent in the future.  We have the tools; now we must learn to use them in a way that optimizes the ability of remote and diverse teams to work together. [more...]

Roundtable, February 11, 2009

Managing the Complexities of the Virtual Work Environment: Use of Social Networking and Communication Technologies.
At this Roundtable, we delved more deeply into two topics: how the new social networking technologies may promote increased intra and inter-organizational communication and innovation, as well as some of the constraints of communication technologies with respect to virtual teamwork, particularly team decision-making and conflict management. [more...]

Roundtable and Advisory Board Meeting, November 19, 2008

Selected Faculty Research Presentations.
Per our custom, the November meeting is devoted to Selected Faculty Research Presentations. Highlights of four research projects underway at the Howe School will be presented and the business implications discussed; see the abstracts below.  This annual meeting with faculty has traditionally been one of our most stimulating and well-received meetings of the year. [more...]

Roundtable, September 23, 2008

Change Strategies in Pursuit of Innovation: Open Innovation.
Open Innovation is a formal process/model to connect with the outside world.  Implicit in open innovation is the assumption that even the most capable organizations must identify, connect to, and leverage external knowledge sources as a core process in innovation, recognizing that valuable ideas can come from inside or outside the company and can go to market from inside or outside the company as well.  [more...]

Roundtable, July 22, 2008

The Challenge of Change in Pursuit of Innovation: Practical Applications.
Successful organizations face a paradoxical tension when they engage in substantial change: they need to keep current operations successful as they modify those operations.  [more...]

Conference, June 4, 2008

Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Pursuit of Innovation. The tension that exists between innovation and uncertainty has long been recognized. We could live in a safer world, but who would want to achieve it by abandoning innovation? The seventeenth annual HSATM Conference is devoted to the ways that organizations can achieve innovation while managing and minimizing the associated risks. [more...]

Roundtable, April 30, 2008

The Challenge of Organizational Change in Pursuit of Innovation: II. We had three outstanding facilitators at the February meeting, and they have very kindly agreed to return in April to lead the follow-up discussions: Roy Nicolosi of ISO, Tony Le Storti of IDEATECTS, and Jack Emert of Infineum. We will provide in advance copies of the slides used previously by the facilitators and ask both attendees and facilitators to select a few issues that they would like to discuss in more depth. [more...]

Roundtable, February 13, 2008

The Challenge of Organizational Change in Pursuit of Innovation. As we have seen in past Roundtables, successful organizations face a paradoxical tension when they engage in substantial change. How do we keep our current operations successful as we reinvent ourselves? How do we continue to leverage our profitable core business while we implement transformational innovation? In effect, and only a bit facetiously, how do we stay the same until we are completely different?  This Roundtable will investigate this conundrum. [more...]

Roundtable, November 14, 2007

The Roundtable meeting is devoted to Selected Research Presentations. Highlights of three research projects underway at the Howe School will be presented and the business implications discussed -- see the abstracts below.  This annual meeting with faculty has always been one of our most stimulating and well-received Roundtable meetings of the year. [more...]

Roundtable, September 18 2007

Transforming Mindsets for Collaborative Innovation The September meeting will expand on that discussion and demonstrate tools that can be used to understand and cope with mindset conflicts rooted in differences in goals, strategies, and values.  Participants will come away with specific approaches they can use with people and organizations impeding their innovation efforts, in order to engage them more effectively in collaborative innovation. [more...]

Conference, June 12 2007

Commercializing New Ideas: Crossing the Bridge from Idea to Innovation
Previous Alliance Conferences have explored such aspects of innovation as The Creativity-Innovation Connection, Innovation as an On-going Strategy, Achieving Radical Innovation, and Processes for Product Conception.  The 2007 Conference examines the critical process of securing organizational alignment and support to develop and commercialize new concepts -- in other words, to cross the bridge from idea to innovation. [more...]

Roundtable, May 2 2007

Our primary facilitator will be Dr. Christopher Barlow, who spoke at last year's HSATM Conference.  Chris received outstanding reviews for his talk, and we have invited him back to speak at this year's Conference on June 12.  He is a researcher, professor and author who has been involved in the management and teaching of team creativity and innovation for more than twenty years.  Our Alliance Partner facilitator will be Geza Pap of ARDEC, who has facilitated three past Roundtable meetings.  [more...]

Roundtable, February 7 2007

Creative Problem-Solving: Lessons and Guidelines The objectives for the Roundtable are: 1) to crystallize lessons from our previous sessions on creative problem-solving; and 2) to generate concrete guidelines for enhancing creative thinking. To accomplish these objectives, we will begin with brief status reports from the Alliance Partner "clients" whose problems served as vehicles for our study of problem-solving models during previous Roundtable meetings. [more...]

Roundtable and Advisory Board meeting, November 15 2006

As is our custom, the Advisory Board meeting will be immediately followed by the November Roundtable meeting, during which selected Howe School  faculty members will present highlights from their current research and discuss the business implications.  This year we will hear from Professors Patricia Holahan, Peter Koen, and Aaron Shenhar. [more...]

2006 HSATM Conference, June 7

The Creativity-Innovation Connection The 2006 HSATM Conference is devoted to the topic of creativity, as both the igniting spark of the process of innovation and the insights that move an idea along the innovation path from conception to commercialization. [more...]

Roundtable, April 26 2006

Understanding Creativity to Enhance Innovation Wednesday, April 26 at ISO Headquarters in Jersey City, from 9:30-12:00. Tony Le Storti, former director of the Center for Creative Studies and principal at IDEATECTS will facilitate the session.
The afternoon Roundtable meeting will continue our February Roundtalbe on the exploration of the umbrella topic of creativity, with emphasis on experiences and tools that have been employed. [more...]

2006 Roundtable Meeting February

Understanding Creativity to Enhance Innovation Innovation begins with a creative idea, and only comes to fruition when considerable creativity is applied to develop and refine that idea. But creativity, both as the "eureka moment" itself and as a cognitive process, remains a mystery to many. In this Roundtable meeting, we will lay a foundation upon which to build both understanding and ability. [...More]

2005 HSATM Technology Management Seminar Series, November 02

Responsive Organizational Dynamism:
Managing Technology Life Cycles using Organizational Learning Techniques
Responsive organizational dynamism is an approach to how organizations should respond to challenges posed by the introduction of new technologies. Dr. Langer introduced this concept to readers of the HSATM publication Current Issues in Technology Management in his article that appeared in the Spring 2005 edition. He postulates that technology -- which by its nature produces change -- has a special role to play in changing organizational behavior and culture. It can catalyze the evolution and maturation of the organization, not only in dealing with new technological issues but in coping with other change agents as well. [...more]

2005 SATM Advisory Board meeting/Roundtable, November 17

The Advisory Board meeting/Roundtable has been scheduled for November 17.
The meeting will be at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken starting at 1:00PM, preceded by a buffet luncheon that will be served from noon. The Advisory Board portion of the meeting will take place from 1:00-2:00, followed by the Roundtable meeting 2:00-5:00. At the Roundtable meeting, Howe School faculty members will discuss selected research findings and their business implications.
Dress code is business casual. Please let Sharen Glennon ( [email protected] or 201-216-5381) know the names of attendees

2005 SATM Roundtable Meeting, Sep 20.

Turning Innovation into a Powerful Business Strategy:
4) Overcoming the Obstables to Innovation, continued
The September SATM Roundtable meeting will continue our 2005 series on innovation by further exploring the subject of overcoming barriers to innovation. At the July Roundtable, the group held a vigorous and productive discussion on this topic, and consequently decided to extend it. We will continue to have discussion leaders from Sponsors who have direct experience with implementing innovation programs. The topic is timely and meaty, with a lot of experience to be shared. For those of you who were unable to attend the July session, I advise reading the meeting Takeaways that were sent earlier. (Please contact Sharen Glennon -- [email protected] or 201-216-5381 -- if you would like another copy sent).

2005 SATM Roundtable Meeting, July 12.

Turning Innovation into a Powerful Business Strategy: 3) Overcoming the Obtables to Innovation
The July SATM Roundtable meeting continues our investigation of the general theme of innovation. The February Roundtable meeting began the series with a broad exploration of the principles and processes of innovation, the April meeting focused on leadership for innovation, and the annual Conference in May dealt with innovation as an on-going strategy.

2005 SATM Conference, May 19

We are pleased to announce the 2005 SATM Conference. The annual SATM Conference will address Innovation as an On-going Strategy . It will provide an understanding of innovation strategy as an integral part of business strategy, and look at how some organizations are dealing with the necessity for continual innovation.


Turning Innovation into a Powerful Business Strategy -
2) "Leadership for Innovation"
Key questions to be considered include:
What are the overarching roles/responsibilities of leaders with regard to innovation?
What are the specific roles of leaders in each phase of the innovation process?
In what ways do leaders most importantly impact or shape a culture of innovation? Anthony (Tony) Le Storti, former director of the Center for Creative Studies and principal at IDEATECTS, Inc., will continue as our primary facilitator.

SATM Roundtable Meeting, February 8

The Alliance begins its fifteenth year with the first Roundtable meeting of 2005, on Tuesday, February 8 from 2:00 - 5:00 PM at ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal. This meeting begins a new series devoted to a comprehensive, systemic examination of the general theme of innovation. The specific aim of this initial meeting will be to map the key elements and interrelationships embodied in the innovation process, and to identify the specific interests of Sponsors, which will shape the agenda for subsequent meetings. Tony Le Storti of Ideatects, a distinguished authority in the field, will be special guest facilitator.
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SATM Seminar Series in Technology Management, March 23

The fourth seminar of this series, sponsored in collaboration with the Columbia University School of Engineering, will be on Wednesday evening March 23rd from 6:30-9:00 PM at Columbia University . The speaker will be Dr. Frank Castellana, on the topic strategic management of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Combined Roundtable and SATM Advisory Board Meeting - November 15, 2004

The next SATM Roundtable meeting will be held on Monday, November 15 from 1:00 - 5:00 PM at Stevens. It will feature three presentations by Howe School faculty members on their