2006 Conference Jun

HSATM Conference 2006

The Creativity-Innovation Connection

Wednesday, June 7, 2006 The 15th Annual HSATM Conference is devoted to the topic of creativity, as both the igniting spark of the process of innovation and the insights that move an idea along the innovation path from conception to commercialization.
The genesis of innovation is a creative insight, one that excites the enterprise and stimulates it to undertake the process of implementation to achieve economic value. Where, however, does the concept come from, and how can an organization stimulate more and better ideas?
There is a mystique around creativity. Some believe it is an ability that only a few people have; others feel that it is a form of inspiration.
Creativity in itself is a discipline, however, both in the sense of a scholarly study and a systematic approach to problem-solving. There is a considerable body of research and theory around this topic, complemented by a great deal of practical experience about how to approach the discovery side of innovation. Click here for the full conference brochure