HSATM 2005 Annual Conference

Innovation as an On-going Strategy

Today’s business environment is characterized by accelerating, risk-filled change. The challenge of aggressive competition from traditional competitors is magnified as disruptive, "asymmetrical" challenges come from non-traditional competitors throughout a global economy.

2005 Conference

May 19, 2005 from 9:00 - 4:00 
AT&T Laboratories,
180 Park Avenue, 
Florham Park, NJ 


As a consequence, innovation -- the creation of value through the implementation of novel ideas -- must be pursued purposefully, aggressively, and continuously. This requires an innovation strategy. But since innovation cannot be brought about on demand, the concept of an "innovation strategy" itself requires some reflection.


The 2005 SATM Conference will provide an understanding of innovation strategy as an integral part of business strategy, and look at how some organizations are dealing with the necessity for continual innovation. It will explore such topics as: What do we mean by innovation as a strategy? How do organizations decide on fertile areas for innovation? Since innovation must be "bought" by consumers in order to be successful, how should we gather meaningful "intelligence" regarding consumer needs? What are best practices for developing high-value innovations?

We are pleased to have four distinguished speakers who will present views, experiences and results of innovation and the strategies that include or are driven by innovation. Anthony Le Storti, Principal of Ideatects, will set the stage by exploring the concept of innovation as a strategy. Peter Koen, Associate Professor, Howe School of Technology Management, will discuss his research findings on both World Class Innovation and best practices, based on one of the first large surveys focused on the discovery portion of the innovation process. Stephan Wiet, Director, Consumer Sciences for McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, will describe the efforts of his company to relate innovation strategy with customer feedback and advice, and David Belanger, Chief Scientist for AT&T Laboratories, will discuss AT&T’s approach to defining innovation strategy.


The Conference should appeal to technology managers, product managers, marketing managers, corporate and business unit managers, and anyone else involved with innovation, strategy, or continuously improving business performance.


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