Research and Education

The Alliance offers partner organizations a number of additional opportunities to grow their networks and businesses.


Alliance roundtables and conferences have long benefited from attendance and input from School of Business faculty, who are engaged in the cutting-edge research that businesses need to make sense of the rapidly changing technology landscape. Similarly, faculty research is improved through interaction with practitioners, and ensures their work remains timely and applicable in the workplace. An example of this relationship is the research seed funding made possible through the Alliance. A portion of partners’ membership fees is used to provide grants for select research projects, which are voted on annually by Alliance members. This allows members to directly influence the areas in which Stevens faculty conduct their investigations. Projects that have received seed funding have concerned project and team leadership, conflict determinants in team settings, risk analysis of energy futures and financing breakthrough technological research. Alliance conversations also benefit from the affiliation with the School of Business, where faculty do research into key areas of great demand to industry

Research news also is shared in the KnowHowe newsletter, a publication highlighting the latest insights from both Stevens faculty and practitioners. KnowHowe has featured articles from managers at companies such as ARDEC, IBM and Microsoft, as well as prominent School of Business researchers in areas like Big Data possibilities, crowdsourcing, collaborative learning and technology adoption. 


Partner companies also can take advantage of Stevens' history in providing education at the cutting edge of business and technology. Partners are offered special rates for special workshops and symposia that are conducted by School of Business faculty at member worksites. Alliance members are welcome to take advantage of the Stevens Partners Program, which provides substantial discounts to employees interested in furthering their education, be it through a graduate certificate program or a full-fledged master’s degree.

The work of the Alliance also led to the creation and evolution of the School of Business master's degree in Technology Management, which prepares professionals with more than five years' experience to take on management roles at their organizations. Click here to learn more about this program.


Sometimes, you don’t need a full course or degree to get up to speed in a more specialized area. Executives have called the Alliance’s single-topic workshop offerings some of the most useful approaches to management thinking available. Workshops are fully customizable to meet specific organizational needs, and can be delivered on site at your office or worksite.

The Alliance has hosted dozens of workshops focusing on a number of in-demand management areas. Among them: crisis leadership, managing cultural differences, gaining acceptance for creative ideas, leveraging generational challenges, design thinking, expert decision making and managing change in the workplace. The many areas of expertise among the faculty at the School of Business mean almost any challenge can be broken down and better explored in an Alliance workshop. 

The Alliance is in the midst of developing a new slate of workshops to better meet the needs of partner organizations. To learn more about workshops, please contact Trish Gorman, director of the Alliance. 

What they say about the Alliance

“I’m the kind of person who likes helping others out, which is a way of saying I’ll share my own mistakes, so others don’t make them, but I like sharing my successes, too, so others can learn from them. We’re all trying to figure this out together.”
Steve Jacobs, president, Global BioPharm Solutions