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The fall 2014 edition of KnowHowe offers an inside look at the latest research, thinking and news about the Alliance for Technology Management. 

Sharing truth and tweets may slow rumor mill

Recognizing the trouble posed by the digital grapevine, researchers at the Howe School of Technology Management sought to discover whether the self-correcting nature of social media could help contain the spread of false information. Full story>>


Traditional marketing rules do not apply in social media

Social media has enabled loyal users to take up cudgels on behalf of their favorite companies and causes. It is up to firms to recognize this changing nature of marketing to craft and execute their competitive strategies to maximum effect. Full story>>


The legal, and ethical, dimensions of Big Data

What is the cost of something that's “free” in the digital age? Whether it’s a newsfeed, a game, a way to connect with friends or search results, there’s a vast amount of information out there — and in many ways, data is becoming the true currency of the Internet. Full story>>


Other highlights in this issue

Alliance Director Larry Gastwirt discusses how research at the Howe School offers an impact in executive boardrooms in his director's note. ... Alliance members are discussing the value of, and difficulty in, changing an organization's culture in its latest series of roundtable meetings. ... Howe School researchers have pulled in a number of valuable grants from the National Science Foundation in the last few months. ... A recent publication from the Howe School details the research accomplishments by its faculty over the last five years.

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