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The Alliance offers executives and managers a chance to think more deeply about game-changing ideas in management and an opportunity to meet the players and researchers who are diligently working to understand how breakthroughs in technology can be applied in practical settings. It also offers one-of-a-kind networking opportunities with professionals in leadership positions in a variety of industries.

Beyond the points listed in detail in our membership brochure, benefits include: 

  • Direct access to School of Business leadership and faculty. 
  • Ability to meet, provide internships to and employ students and graduates who combine technology and business skills.
  • Special rates for enrolling employees in workshops and symposia.
  • Ability to influence faculty research.
  • Affiliation with the School of Business and Stevens, the leading technology university in New Jersey.
  • Chance to hire a team of MBA students to solve a problem your organization is facing.
  • Ability to book the Babbio Center on the Stevens campus in Hoboken for a meeting or event, subject to availability. 

Contact Trish Gorman at [email protected] to speak with the leadership teams of the School of Business and the Alliance, and to attend one of our roundtable meetings to learn how you can leverage our expertise to your advantage.

In their words

Through its roundtables and conferences, degree program, workshops, symposia, published research, and other offerings, the Alliance has had a profound impact on the career development of thousands of working professionals. Over the years, a number of members have shared with us just how valuable they've found our suite of programming over their years of participation. We invite you to read the following to truly appreciate the value Alliance membership offers. 

"The discussions are rich with insights from different perspectives that often can be applied to our own particular industry and situation with impressive results." Dr. Jack Emert, Infineum
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The Alliance "provided opportunity after opportunity to acquire and experiment with new ideas." Joseph A. Lannon, ARDEC
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What they say about the Alliance

“It is no coincidence that during the time ARDEC has been a member of the Alliance, we have been able to develop decisive and proactive strategies for right-sizing and advancing our capabilities and capacities to execute the mission of our organization.”
Pota Kripotos, chief of human capital management, ARDEC

“When I began to look at what I had in a different way, I saw an extraordinarily larger market opportunity for this technology and expertise. The Alliance enabled me to open up my thinking, and ultimately led to the creation of my company.”
Tom Kielty, founder, president and CEO, Connectivity

"The Alliance brings to its membership some of the most current, relevant, and usable educational topics that have real impact on the management of technology and business in our highly unstable and risk-filled world. It is probably one of the most efficient uses of educational funds."
Roy Nicolosi, senior vice president and CIO, ISO (retired)

The value of membership

Alliance member companies bring a shared passion for learning about management and technology to sessions run by speakers who are accomplished researchers and recognized leaders in business. Download our brochure to learn more about the benefits of membership.