Roundtables and Conferences

In addition to offering outstanding networking opportunities for partners to meet decision-makers in other industries and research experts from the School of Business, roundtable meetings and conferences are where members learn how to apply cutting-edge ideas and practices to their businesses.


Some of the most valuable insight our members gain from the Alliance comes at the roundtables held around the state each year. In these meetings, partner companies explore different topics in technology management to uncover best practices in use in other industries and the latest thinking by Stevens researchers. The hallmark of each meeting is the brevity of the formal presentation, allowing plenty of time for discussion amongst partners about current experiences related to the topics at hand. More than 100 roundtable meetings have covered topics such as design thinking, innovation management, crisis leadership, risk management, creative problem solving, employee engagement and retention, and quality processes in research. Attendance is tightly controlled — meetings are typically limited to 20 to 30 participants — to ensure lively discussion and interaction between members. For those unable to attend in person, a virtual presentation is offered.


In addition to the roundtables, the Alliance holds an annual conference that takes a deeper look at emerging issues in technology management. These conferences attract world-renowned practitioners and researchers to deliver presentations on issues likely to present opportunities for savvy managers in the near future. Conferences have touched on topics such as how to drive innovation strategy from data collected on social networks, risk management in pursuit of innovation and best practices in new-idea commercialization. 

A complete listing of past roundtables and conferences is available to demonstrate the kind of thinking and the value offered through the Alliance.

What they say about the Alliance

“The sessions are relevant because the members of the Alliance choose the topics, and then the Alliance provides the venue, guest speakers and moderators to help spur and drive the discussion.”
Brian Coughlin, business development director, Stryker Orthopaedics

“What’s amazing is that even though we’re very different businesses, we have the same issues. Having people from very different industries with very similar problems to discuss these issues really helps put problems in context, and puts them in a different perspective.”
Susan Miller, technical manager, Alcatel-Lucent

“The insights that come from the roundtable discussions really add enormous value. I see the Alliance as dealing with complex matters at a real practical level. You leave those meetings with insights that allow you to challenge your own conventional thinking, even if it’s just to reaffirm you’re on the right track.”
Tom Kielty, founder, president and CEO, Connectivity

A great reason to join

The five yearly roundtables and annual conference are the most valuable benefts to membership. You can learn more about the value of these meetings by reading through our brochure or contacting the Alliance director via email.