Member Benefits

The Alliance brings new tools and fresh perspective to technology management problems and opportunities through shared experiences and consideration of the latest research. Here are some other benefits to partnering with us:

Roundtables and conferences. By far the most popular benefit offered by the Alliance is the opportunity to network with other professionals who are passionate about innovation and technology management. At our meetings, we offer a chance for leaders in different industries to better understand the challenges they face and learn how others are responding to manage those struggles. The meetings themselves are led by practitioners and theoreticians who understand the need for practical, actionable strategy derived from technology management.

Connections to top-level Stevens faculty. Alliance members enjoy access to the dean and program directors at the School of Business at Stevens, meaning they get unique insight on the direction of academic programs and research. That also allows members to share the issues they feel could best be supported in the classroom and in research labs.

Access to Stevens students. The School of Business at Stevens is home to some of the most promising business students in the region. Through the Alliance, you can meet, recruit and hire some of our most talented students and bring a technology-infused business education directly to your office. Additionally, through our Field Consulting Program, you can hire a team of MBA candidates to solve a particularly thorny problem or provide insight on a potential opportunity. Employers have found tech-savvy Howe students bring invaluable insight on such projects.

Research influence. One of the exciting opportunities through being an Alliance partner is the chance to help set research priorities for hardworking faculty of the School of Business. A portion of partner contributions provides seed funding grants for Stevens research projects, and partners vote annually on which projects will get funded. Furthermore, members can collaborate with researchers on projects in areas of mutual interest.

Thought leadership. The Alliance is one forum the School of Business uses to further its research impact. A regular newsletter shares exciting research developments from Stevens faculty while also showcasing successful strategies at other partner organizations. This gives a broad survey at what works in emerging areas like social media in the workplace, technology-supported idea generation and improving technology integration in the office.

And more. Alliance members can receive special rates on workshops and symposia, book the state-of-the-art Babbio Center for a corporate function, give a guest lecture to students and faculty, or have a certificate program hosted at their workplace. Contact the Alliance director for complete details.  

What they say about the Alliance

“The biggest value of the Alliance, for me, is that it gives me a break from daily problem solving and creates an opportunity to think more strategically — a luxury that most of us don’t have the time to do.”
Don Gulliksen, senior scientist, Johnson Technology

Just the beginning

Alliance membership beings countless additional benefits, from the public relations value of being associated with New Jersey's leading technology university to being able to read working papers and journal articles by faculty of the School of Business. Download our brochure to learn more about the benefits of membership.