Technical Leadership Development For Organizations

Your objectives and culture, our insight and expertise.

At the School of Business, our learning modules approach complex organizational objectives from the standpoint of self-awareness and individual leadership capacity. Using these modules as the basis for our partnership we will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate level of customization based on your organization’s specific goals.

Flexible Delivery Options

Whether your organization is located across the Hudson, in New York, or in multiple cities around the world, we’ll bring our training to you — whenever and wherever it will have the biggest impact.

  • Bring a module or group of modules to leaders in your organization.
  • Work with our faculty to develop a custom program that addresses your unique personnel, cultural, and business objectives.
Custom Technical Leadership Solutions for Organizations

Partner with us to find solutions to your most pressing technical leadership challenges and to increase your organization’s capacity to recognize and act on opportunities.

School of Business faculty will collaborate with you to create a customized leadership development experience that addresses a particular

  • Business challenge
  • Employee population
  • Complex project
  • Technical scenario
  • or other leadership training objective
The Process
  1. Discovery  Tell us what you need.
  2. Communication — We’ll start with a conversation about which learning modules are the most relevant to your needs.
  3. Collaboration — We’ll work together to determine the best level of customization for your personnel, objectives, and requirements.
  4. Delivery — Our faculty will bring your program anywhere in the world.
Our Faculty

The faculty leaders in this area are experts in business leadership with depth of experience in teaching high-level technical professionals.

What matters to your organization?

  • Changing strategies to capitalize on changing technologies
  • Accelerating knowledge and wisdom transfer from exiting baby-boomer technical professionals
  • Quickly integrating people, processes, and cultures from a merger or acquisition
  • Driving toward a more accountable, innovation-rich culture that attracts high-level technical professionals
  • Quickly building effective cross-boundary teams for short-term projects
  • Fostering a thriving mentorship culture
  • Enhancing interpersonal effectiveness through communication