Message from the Dean

Like the other schools at Stevens, the Howe School has been making significant research advances. Four events in the last month are indicative of this. 

The Howe Research Review, presenting research done by our faculty in areas like innovation, operations and data analytics, has published. It’s a thorough look at our groundbreaking research in areas like information systems, data analytics, operations, finance and accounting. 

Dr. Jeffrey Nickerson just returned from co-chairing the national Collective Intelligence conference at MIT. His vision guides our Center for Decision Technologies, which counts collective intelligence among its topic areas. Researchers in this center explore what crowds are good at and how information spreads on social media following a disaster. 

Last month, I attended the annual meeting of the Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship, which drew hundreds of practitioners. This group helps increase the number, speed and success of profitable products and services entering development. 

And, with the Howe School Alliance for Technology Management, a partnership of industry, academia and government, the school just held a conference examining how to build analytics-driven strategies through social media activity. This well-attended conference touched on areas that are vital for executives, including content creation and the practical realities of building strategies around social media analytics.

And this is just in the last month. There is so much more going on here: Faculty are being published in top journals and are winning important grants, and our KnowHowe publication is showcasing some of the thought leadership that's so important to executives working to better manage technology.  

I would be excited to speak with you about how we can help you create opportunities. For details, visit


Dean Gregory Prastacos