Open for Business: Getting a Charge from Custom IPhone Cables

NAME: Gino Mazzarella

CLASS:  Senior

HIS COMPANY: Awesome Cables, an online retailer of colorful iPhone cables of different lengths. Online:

INSPIRATION: Mazzarella visited an Apple retail store selling dozens of the same short, white cables included with the phone, and saw an opportunity to grab a piece of the multibillion-dollar mobile accessories market.

HOWE ADVANTAGE: “The fact that the Howe School is so centered around technology really made the transition to an online business so much easier — you get so accustomed to the technology mindset.”

KEY LESSON: An assignment in his social media marketing class got him to change his mind on the value of Facebook advertising. “Facebook has had the best ROI on marketing dollars, which was a huge surprise to me. From the start, I thought it was going to be a waste of money.”

WHAT’S NEXT: Mazzarella is looking for a full-time job with some flexibility, so he can expand Awesome Cables. “I’d love to make it the Awesome brand of products someday.”