Howe Research Achieving National Prestige

One of the tenants of the Howe School’s strategic growth plan involves becoming better known as a research powerhouse.

According to a service ranking the impact of research at U.S. universities, that goal is on its way to being realized.

The most recent rankings by the Social Science Research Network raised Howe to No. 79 in the nation. That’s a huge climb from February 2012, when Howe was ranked 156, and it vaulted the school past some big names, such as Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management (ranked 93) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lally School of Management and Technology (156).

SSRN ranks schools by the number of times research papers are downloaded, and is the only electronic platform that provides monthly rankings of research performance at business schools. SSRN also tracks how often those papers are cited in other papers, measuring the impact of a university’s published research.

Since it first began uploading papers to SSRN, Howe research has been cited 242 times.

The network also tracks how many papers each faculty member publishes, and how often they are read. Over the last 12 months, the leader at Howe has been Yasuaki Sakamoto, whose research papers have been downloaded 2,647 times.

Other top performers from Howe: Jeffrey Nickerson, with 1,675 downloads, and Germán Creamer, with 1,441.

In its strategic plan, Howe established a goal of ranking among the top 100 business schools by 2015. The strategic plan created a focus around Howe research that faculty have eagerly responded to, achieving that goal ahead of time, said Dr. Gregory Prastacos, dean.

“We do incredible research in areas that are prized by executives at fast-growing companies, who realize technical innovation is the key to their continued expansion,” Prastacos said. “The challenge has been in disseminating that research effectively. As we can see through the improving SSRN rankings, it’s a challenge we’re meeting every day.”