Howe Research Review

“At the Howe School of Technology Management, faculty members are conducting research in the areas most important to industry — from accounting and operations management, to collective intelligence and data mining — with a distinct focus on problems, challenges and opportunities where business and technology intersect.” – Gregory Prastacos, dean, Howe School

The Howe Research Review is a thorough account of the groundbreaking work faculty have done between 2008 and 2013. The report summarizes the kinds of research done, the metrics associated with that research — papers published, grants received and the like — and, most importantly, the impact of that research. That’s where Howe School faculty want to make their mark: in the corporate world, where decision makers look to us for answers and insight into the most challenging problems of the day, and in academia, where our researchers form partnerships with respected colleagues at universities around the globe. 

Our experience has showed us that the best things happen when we collaborate — whether in doing research with another university or in soliciting industry input on curriculum updates. The purpose of publishing this document is to develop further inroads with those audiences, so that we might continue to build upon the impressive work we’ve done so far.

Research Centers

The Howe School of Technology Management is home to three research centers, a consortium between academia and industry and an alliance of companies, government agencies and academics. For more information on the centers and the work they do, visit Research@Howe