Dr. Mahmoud Daneshmand

Building: Babbio Center
Room: 424
Phone: 201 216 5542
Email: Mahmoud.Daneshmand@stevens.edu
School:  School of Business
Department:  Business Intelligence and Analytics
  •  Ph.D., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley,
  •  M.S., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley,
  •  M.S., & B.S., Mathematics, University of Tehran


General Information

Mahmoud Daneshmand is Professor of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Howe School of Technology Management as well as Computer Science at School of Engineering and Science, Stevens Institute of Technology. He has more than 35 years of teaching, research & publications, consultation, and management experience in academia & industry including: Bell Laboratories, AT&T Shannon Labs – Research, University of California at Berkeley, University of Texas at Austin, Sharif University of Technology, University of Tehran, New York University, and Stevens Institute of Technology.

He has served as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) at Bell Labs as well as AT&T Shannon Labs -Research; Assistant Chief Scientist of AT&T Labs; Founder and Executive Director of the AT&T Labs university collaborations program. He is an Industry Professor at Howe School of Technology Management and department of Computer Science, Co-Founder of the Business Intelligence & Analytics MS program at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is an expert in Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT)/Sensor & RFID Data Streams Analytics, Data Mining Algorithms, Machine Learning, Probability & Stochastic Processes, and Statistics. He is experienced in Risk Management, Quality and Reliability of IP-Based Services and Applications.

Mahmoud is well recognized within the academia and industry. He has published more than 95 Journal and conference papers; authored/co-authored three books; Holds two patents (2009 and 2010); Chair of New IEEE Journal of Internet of Things; Guest Editor ofIEEE Communications Magazine (published in Feb 2011), Guest Editor of Journal of Networks and System Management (published September 2011);  Guest Editor, IEEE Sensors Journal SI on Internet of Things (to be published September 2013); Keynote Speaker: ISITCE 2012 (SouthKorea),IEEE  ISCC  2011 (Corfu),  ICC 09 (Dresden), IEEE  ISCC 2008 (Marrakesh), ICT 2008 (St. Petersburg), IMSEE 2000 (Tehran), and ICISTM 2008 (Dubai) ; Co-editor of  three IEEE Proceedings on Computers and Communications with a total of more than 450 peer reviewed accepted technical papers (Seventh (2002),  Eleventh (2006) , and fifteenth (2010) ); innovated and led execution of more than 60 Bell Labs and AT&T Labs large-scale projects on computer and communications; served as analytics and statistics consultant in many research,  business and operations projects;  made extensive contributions to the Industry Standards and regulatory organizations including ITU, ANSI, and FCC (invented the well known standardized Networks Outage Index). He has chaired multiple international conferences including IEE 2003 (London), IEEE ISCC 2002 (Sicily), IEEE ISCC 2006 (Sardinia, Italy), WICON 2010 (Singapore), and IEEE ISCC 2010 (Riccione, Italy), and   Cyber Security (China 2011). Organized and served as Keynote Chair and Panel Chair  of many IEEE conference in including:  ICC 2007 (Glasgow, Scotland), ICC 2009 (Dresden, Germany), GLOBECOM 2009 (Hawaii, US), NOMS 2010 (Osaka, Japan), GLOBECOM 2010 (Miami, US), GLOBECOM 2011 (Houston), NOMS 2012 (Hawaii), INFOCOM 2012 (New Orleans), and GLOBECOM 2012 (Anaheim) ; Held and chaired AT&T Labs annual Academia-Industry Joint Research Collaborations Symposiums (UC Symposiums 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010).

He served as an expert witness in several legal industrial courts and litigations and established scientific validity of several Bell Labs studies; designed and taught many graduate and undergraduate courses in areas of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Sampling Techniques, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Risk Management, and Inferential Statistical Techniques; advised many master and PhD dissertations; led more than 200 Data Mining case studies of graduate students working with high technology corporations such as AT&T, Lucent, Verizon, and Merck. He served as a member of Advisory Board of Center for Networked Systems at the University California San Diego; Advisory Board of SATM (Stevens Alliance for Technology Management); Editorial Board of the JNSM (Journal of Network and Systems Management).

As professor of the Howe School of Technology Management he has developed and taught new graduate courses on emerging areas of "Risk Management", "Data Mining", and Data Streams Analytics. He has contributed to proposal and establishment of two new graduate programs at Stevens: Financial Engineering, and Business Intelligence & Analytics. He is co-founded a new MS program on Business Intelligence & Analytics.

As professor of the Department of Computer Science he teaches “Probability and Stochastic Processes" and "Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery", and advises graduate students projects and Masters and PhD thesis.

Prior to his position of DMTS, he has served as Technology Leader AT&T Labs, Technology Consultant AT&T Labs, Principal Technical Staff Member of the AT&T Labs, and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff of the Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies.


Professional Service

Mahmoud has been very active with IEEE Journals editorship & publications including Guest Editor as we as IEEE conferences: Guest Editor of several IEEE journals; keynote speaker of many IEEE conferences; Executive Committee of Globecom as well as ICC; Chair of Steering Committee of IEEE ISCC; and General Chair and Technical Chair of many IEEE conferences; Chair of Steering Committee of New IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

He is the founder of the Department of Statistics and co-founder of the School of Informatics and Management Sciences of the National University of Iran. He has served as Chairman of the Department of Statistics and Dean of the School of Informatics & Management Sciences of the National University.

Honors & Awards

He is the recipient of several distinguished awards from Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, Standards Committee T1, and IEEE.

Patents & Inventions
  1. M. Daneshmand, C. Wang, K. Sohraby, R. Jana, L. Ji, “System and Method for providing Network Selection in Cognitive Radio Systems,” Invention Disclosure, April 2009 (Pending).
  2.  M. Daneshmand and C. Wang, “Radio Frequency Identification Readers and Methods for Adjusting a Query Command Slot-Counter: Parameter Q,” Application No. 12/323996 (Pending).


  • FE 590 Introduction to Knowledge Engineering
  • MIS 637 Knowledge Discovery in Databases 1
  • CS 593 Data Mining II: Advanced Algorithms for Mining Big Data