Board of Advisors

Walter Kiechel III


The Lords of Strategy


Mr. Kiechel is the author of The Lords of Strategy. The book reflects much of what he learned in three decades of business reporting and writing throughout his tenure at Fortune magazine and Harvard Business Publishing.

Named the editorial director of Harvard Business Publishing in 1998, Mr. Kiechel was the senior vice president in charge of its publishing overseeing for the Harvard Business Review, HBS Press, and the company's book-publishing arm until 2003. In that role was responsible for the Harvard Business Review; HBS Press, the company's book-publishing arm; the newsletter unit (which he helped start in 1996) as well as HBP’s video, reprints, and conference businesses.

He spent most of his early career at Fortune magazine, where he started as a reporter in 1977 and become its managing editor, the top editorial position, in 1994. As assistant managing editor (1988), executive editor (1992), and finally M.E., he crafted a strategy for the magazine as a journal of "ideas, strategies, and solutions for decision makers." Through most of the 1980s, Kiechel was editor in charge of Fortune's coverage of management.

During his tenure he had a regular column on management which became a book published by Little Brown in 1998: Office Hours: A Guide to the Managerial Life. He has also appeared on daily broadcasts covering "The New Economy" for the CBS Radio Network and hosted the not-much-lamented Fortune Week television program on CNBC.

Mr. Kiechel received JD and MBA degrees from Harvard, is a member of the New York bar and got his undergraduate education at Harvard, where he was awarded an AB degree with honors and elected to Phi Beta Kappa.