Board of Advisors

Christopher Frank, B.S. '89, M.S. '93

Vice President

American Express


Mr. Frank is a Vice President at American Express in the Global Marketplace Insights group, where he is responsible for advertising, brand and business-to-business research.

He is a respected speaker and leader in analytics and market research worldwide. Prior to joining American Express, Mr. Frank spent ten years at Microsoft, as Senior Director of Corporate Research. His tenure included worldwide initiatives in customer satisfaction, social, branding and communications research. He has won industry awards for his accomplishments in analyzing the swing voter consumer, developing a framework for effective branding and building a social media analytics system. As a recipient of the Wall Street Journal Achievement Award, Mr. Frank has been recognized for his entrepreneurial vision, drive and innovative approach within the technology, consumer, and financial services industries.

He is the co-author of Drinking from the Fire Hose: Making Smarter Decisions Without Drowning in Information (Penguin)