Pre-College Business Programs

Understanding college majors and what they offer can be a challenge for high school students. The Stevens pre-college business programs give students exposure to what it's like to be a business student in a technology-focused university through exciting programs that reflect how Stevens students prepare for the rigors of the real world. In addition, participants benefit from our location near Manhattan for cultural and business excursions, and get to stay in our dorms as they take part in nighly social activities like a Mets game, movie night, Hudson River cruise and campus scavenger hunt. There are two business programs offered to students:

Business Intensive program

The Business Intensive Program is a weeklong session designed not only to expose high school students to the many exciting areas of study and majors available in business, such as marketing and finance, but also to help students learn what a degree from the School of Business at Stevens can do for their future.

Stevens’ reputation for placing students in top-level companies make it a great place for this exciting week. Students will be exposed to marketing, finance (including quantitative finance), management and business law in a program providing a solid foundation for students who wish to have a greater understanding of business operations as they explore business as a possible major in college. The program will also include a corporate site visit to a local company such as the Federal Reserve or NYSE.

The program is modeled after the Stevens undergraduate Business and Technology program, and makes a point of teaching students how skills translate from the classroom to application in real-world business situations. The Stevens campus is a 15-minute train ride from Wall Street and is 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan; this ideal location makes it possible for students in the program to visit Wall Street and local Fortune 500 companies to get insider perspectives of the industry. 

Featuring interactive classes, site visits and activities designed to give students opportunities to learn about the "big picture" — how various facets of business and technology fit together — the program will help high school students learn to identify technology business opportunities in today's rapidly changing and increasingly global landscape.

Most summer programs in business offer only one capstone course or key business concept. The Stevens Summer Business program is much more comprehensive, offering an overview of the following core business concepts and courses:

  • Accounting.
  • Business Fundamentals.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Finance (including quantitative finance).
  • International business.
  • Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Operations.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship program

Students are put in charge of their own futures in this exciting program. Participants think up an idea for a new product or service, and are put in charge of a real startup company with a group of fellow students. In just one week, you'll get a crash course in modern entrepreneurship by visiting a tech incubator, learning how to give an effective pitch and presentation, and presenting your idea to emerging startups prior to presentingto a panel of judges. The experience is complemented with a hands-on leader reaction obstacle course, marketing training, website development and visits with prospective customers. To learn more, take an insider's look into the program

Students also get a sense of the full college experience. They reside in our dormitories on the Hudson River alongside other students participating in a variety of pre-college programs and enjoy the social perks of Hoboken, NJ — one of the country’s top-ranked college towns that’s just 20 minutes from Manhattan. Students especially have fun during the nightly social activities such as a Hudson River cruise, Mets baseball game, movie night and campus scavenger hunt.
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Who Should Apply

Programs are open to rising juniors and seniors in high school. Students will be evaluated on the information provided in the application, including high school transcript and a letter of recommendation from a teacher. First preference will be given to rising seniors applying to the program.

If you have questions about any programs in the Stevens Summer, contact Marsha Melnyk, assistant director of summer programs, at (201) 216-3353, or you can contact the main Undergraduate Admissions Office at (201) 216-5194.

Program Instruction

Programs offered in The Stevens Summer are taught by members of the university community, a group of scholars devoted to the highest standards of research and teaching. Combining their efforts with those of trained and experienced teaching assistants, the instructors create a rich academic experience drawing on the wealth of educational resources at Stevens and in the New York metropolitan area.
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