Why Quantitative Finance at Stevens

The Stevens Quantitative Finance “QF” Program is one of the first premier undergraduate degree programs in Quantitative Finance to be offered in the U.S. QF is normally taught at the Masters or PhD level. At Stevens, we are offering the same content, with the same rigor, to a select group of undergraduate scholars.

Location, location, location…

Stevens is at the heart of the New York financial center, 20 minutes from Wall Street. We have solid relationships placing our graduates with most of the major financial center banks, and many of the world’s largest non-financial corporations headquartered in our region. Being right in the center of the financial world is an incomparable advantage for our students. It opens the door to internships, job opportunities, and constant cross-fertilization with the environment of the world’s leading capital markets.

A 140-Year Legacy of Innovation….

Nationally recognized, Stevens has educated leaders and entrepreneurs for more than 140 years. Stevens is one of the leading science and technology oriented universities in the country. That means that we have a solid base of engineering, mathematics, computer science, and technology management faculty and course offerings to draw upon.

Real World Solutions

Classes are taught by renowned faculty, as well as by experienced entrepreneurs and successful leaders from industry.  

Stevens QF Advantage

Our full, four-year Bachelor of Science degree provides students with a more comprehensive foundation than the Masters level could provide through studies in just two to three semesters of the topic. The Stevens QF degree is broad-based and doesn’t overemphasize narrow technical proficiency. Our focus is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of real business and the economic substance underlying the assumptions behind the math and the models.