Quantitative Finance at Stevens

In today’s competitive marketplace, with an ever-evolving economic landscape, it is essential to equip future business leaders with the tools necessary to succeed. Professionals are expected to understand the business process and be able to contribute to the constant transformation of the industry. Organizations are looking for innovative and forward-thinking individuals who have a proven foundation in the business fundamentals of today and can anticipate those of tomorrow.

Stevens Institute of Technology offers one of the first four-year undergraduate program of its kind, in Quantitative Finance.   B.S. in Quantitative Finance provides students with the skill levels equivalent to what would be expected from the graduate of a premier masters degree program in financial engineering.  A relatively young field, Quantitative Finance is just 10-15 years old and until now has been offered exclusively at the Master’s and PhD level. Stevens’ revolutionary undergraduate program is designed specifically for students wishing to apply scientific and engineering methods and techniques to transform financial markets.

What to Expect

Our rigorous program will ensure that students begin their professional career not only strong in technique, but also with a solid conceptual understanding of the economic substance of capital market transactions.  Studies encompass approximately 140 credits over four years, and are fused with practical experience and access to leading financial organizations. Students will be exposed to a strong quantitative component, including two years of calculus and a supplementary year of advanced financial mathematics.

In addition, students will participate in Stevens’ distinctive “Spine” curriculum and “Senior Design” project. Every semester they will take a clinically-oriented investment strategy seminar, building progressively more complex investment portfolios over several years, effectively creating a unifying spine that is woven throughout the program. Finally, students will complete a Senior Design project—the development of a working solution for a real-world operating scenario drawn from the financial sector. Examples include the design of a hedge fund or a computer trading platform.