The metrics of the message

Technology has completely changed the ways in which products and services are sold today. Big Data has given marketers a limitless wealth of information into the habits and behaviors of their customers, and social media and mobile communications mean messages can be targeted to specific people at specific places during specific times. But to capitalize on those advantages, you need to be able to interpret all that data to create actionable strategy — a specialty at Stevens. The technology focus of the core Marketing classes ensures students are prepared to analyze customer data and craft messaging that resonates strongly with the desired audience.

“I’ll never have to choose between only studying business or only studying technology. The faculty and curriculum at Stevens are preparing me for success by encouraging me to master both.”
Gavriella Risman-Jones, concentrations in Marketing and Information Systems
Class of 2016


Top careers in marketing

Students in the Marketing program develop the skills needed to pursue careers at product and service providers in any industry, but especially successful firms that understand the value of analytics-driven marketing. Some careers our students pursue upon graduating:

Advertising/Sales Representative
Market Research Analyst

Taking the next step

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Standout course

Social Media and Network Analysis

The inescapable nature of social media networks has transformed the way people interact with one another and with business and government. The aim of this course is to provide a general understanding of how social networks can be harnessed to manage successful marketing campaigns. Students will be taught a set of social network analysis methods rooted in sociology, graph theory and computer science to improve engagement on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.