The head of the class

Management today is about getting more accomplished with fewer resources. That means leaders must be creative in how they approach processes, innovative in how they manage projects and able to effectively engage and motivate their staffs. The Management program at Stevens emphasizes the development of leadership and management skills through instruction that is heavy on both analytical decision making and entrepreneurial thinking, preparing students to face a variety of challenges in any industry. The curriculum also is highly customizable, allowing students to tailor their degree to their area of career interest.

“Classes are really interesting, because the professors all bring in a real-world experience. They’ve all been in the real world, the business world, the finance world. They just nonchalantly say, ‘When I was a project management leader at JP Morgan, I did this and this,’ so you see that what you’re learning really applies in business. They’ve done it, they know it and they’re always willing to share that experience.”
Michelle Moreira, Management student
Class of 2017


Top careers in management

The training offered in the Management program makes this a suitable degree for students with a general interest in business and management who are looking for exposure to a variety of industry categories to help them understand where their interests lie and how to take leadership roles in such fields. Common careers include business analyst, management consultant and project manager.

Taking the next step

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Standout course

Project Management

Modern project managers must be able to deftly overcome organizational obstacles and external challenges as they execute plans with specific resources, budgets and deadlines in mind. This course provides a broad perspective on the conceptual issues project managers face, along with the opportunities available to them through the use of technology in forming project plans. Students complete the course able to develop, execute and control a basic project plan capable of supporting business objectives linked to measures of success.