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Technology is a relative latecomer to the financial industry, but its disruptive impact is every bit as pronounced. That’s why Stevens is a great place to study finance — our curriculum not only focuses on the basics, from microeconomics to corporate finance, but also on the role technology has played in turning this industry on its head. We also leverage strong connections at Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan and North Jersey to bring a practical perspective to finance theory — and to offer students access to internships and jobs at these top employers. 

“Most, if not all, schools will give you the basic tradition of business, but Stevens integrates technology in a much better, faster and more efficient way. And having that technological background, especially today, really helps you stand out. You have to actually think about the end goals and how you use technology to get there. Stevens trains you to think that way.” 

Ryan Giordano, Finance major
Class of 2017


Top careers in finance

Students in the Finance program develop the skills needed to pursue careers at financial institutions, in government or in the finance departments at large employers. Some careers our students pursue upon graduating:

Financial analyst
Financial consultant
Valuation analyst

Top recruiters in finance

Some of the companies in the finance space who recruit Stevens students:

JP Morgan
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
Bank of America

Taking the next step

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Standout course

Banking, Credit and Financial Institutions

Technology and globalization have brought sweeping changes to financial markets and institutions. This course offers an in-depth look at the functions and structure of financial markets, the impact of economic and monetary policy on financial markets, and changing trends in the global financial system.