Business & Technology

The best of both worlds

The Business and Technology (B&T) major exposes students to all the major business disciplines through the strong technology-focused lens for which Stevens is known. Students select a business concentration in one of five areas — finance, marketing, information systems, economics or international business. Technology training is reinforced through a separate concentration that trains students in highly specialized areas using curriculum outside the business school in a number of fields from engineering and science to humanities. Examples the technology concentrations include Computer Science, Biotechnology, Green Technology and History of Technology.

“A lot of my classes have tied into the topics I make videos about. Courses in economics and social media marketing have been eye-opening, in terms of looking at companies and their behavior.”

Marques Brownlee, Business & Technology
Class of 2015
Founder, MKBHD

“The fact that the Howe School is so centered around technology really helped grow my interest in e-commerce. Being surrounded by technology all the time made the transition to an online business so much easier — you get so accustomed to the technology mindset.”

Gino Mazzarella, Business & Technology
Class of 2014
Founder, Awesome Cables 


Top careers in B&T

Students in the B&T program tend to be very entrepreneurial in nature, often taking on wide-ranging duties for small companies — or even starting their own. This is a degree program with lots of freedom and limitless potential: The skills Stevens teaches are excellent training for any discipline. Graduates have brought their knowledge to virtually every industry; they have successfully launched Kickstarter campaigns to create businesses and taken management-level positions in international offices for global financial services companies. Many students also work as business and technology consultants.

Top recruiters in B&T

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
Deutsche Bank

Taking the next step

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