Perpetual Calendar - Telecommunications Management

To help you prepare your Graduate Study Plan, the following perpetual calendar is offered for planning purposes only. Courses meet weeknights at 6:15PM unless otherwise noted.

Note: The BOLD courses are “CORE,” required courses for the MS in Telecommunications Management.

FALL Semesters
TM 612 TM 601TM 605 
MGT 689MGT 609MGT 609MGT 609 
MGT 615MGT 689 MGT 689 
MGT 609TM 630   
TM 615    
SPRING Semesters
TM 610TM 617TM 624  
MGT 615MGT 609TM 630MGT 615 
MGT 609TM 675MGT 609MGT 609 
  MGT 617  
SUMMER Semester
MGT 609 Summer I & IIFor summer semester, TM615, TM617, TM618, TM630 are offered as needed in either on-campus, WebCampus (except TM630), or real-time *Wimba offering. 
MGT 615 Summer I 
TM 610TM 601TM 615  
MGT 615TM 615MGT 689  
MGT 609MGT 615TM 675  
TM 500TM 612MGT 615  
MGT 617TM 605MGT 609  
TM 617    

*Real-Time Wimba Offering