In just 21 months, you can earn a Master of Science in Technology Management degree from Stevens Institute of Technology while continuing to work full time. New cohorts start each Fall (September) and end 21 months later at the conclusion of the Spring semester (end of May). There is typically a one or two-week break between semesters and a month break in August. While it is possible to join the program in the spring semester of the first year, new students are strongly encouraged to start in the Fall.

After completing the 12 courses comprising the MSTM program, students have the option of graduating with the Master’s degree, or bypassing the MS and continuing to the Master of Business Administration degree  via the EMBA extension program which consists of four [4] additional courses. Students may start the extension program in any semester following completion of their MSTM component of the program. Past graduates of the MSTM program can also apply to the EMBA extension program, but will require one additional course for the MBA degree. MSTM graduates who would like to receive a dual MS/MBA degree take the 4 courses that comprise the EMBA extension plus an additional four electives chosen from the Stevens Catalog.

Saturday Schedule: Students attend class every other Saturday on the Stevens campus in the Babbio Center for Technology Management. Class meets from 8:30 AM to 5.15 PM, with continental breakfast and lunch provided. Students take two courses per semester.

Advantages of the Saturday Option:

  • No disruption to your regular work schedule
  • Alternate Saturday schedule allows you to balance personal commitments with the demands of the academic program.

Half-Time Option: While students will gain maximum advantage from the program by taking the two-courses per semester in lock-step sequence, we do realize that work, time, and fiscal constraints may necessitate a lessened work load. Students who elect the half-time option take one course per semester. While this option does offer flexibility, students should be aware that it does double the time required to complete the degree.

Program Orientation Students in the Saturday program will have the opportunity to connect with classmates, meet with the faculty and prepare for the MSTM/EMBA learning experience in a one-day orientation session held on the Stevens campus on the Friday preceding the start of Fall classes.

Program Calender: