Message from the Director

When companies look to fill positions within their executive ranks, they often have the right talent already on their payrolls. After all, no company would be successful without the gifted people that make the business happen — whether in a service industry like retail, or a technical one like pharmaceuticals. But those employees may be left out of the conversation if they don’t speak the languages of economics, finance, accounting, strategy and marketing. Others have not had exposure to state-of-the-art practices in leadership and teaming, a sometimes dismissed but often critical differentiation.

The Weekend Executive Masters programs were designed with these talented people in mind. The MSTM and EMBA curricula help students master these areas and understand how they drive the core business, while also getting an understanding of how to take advantage of the destructive role of technology in creating organizational opportunities and fulfilling strategic objectives. These skills are emphasized and reinforced by Stevens’ commitment to “learning by doing” through a leadership development weekend at West Point — and, for those who go on to the EMBA program, a trip to China — that allows them to see the practical application of coursework in communication, trust, integrity and management.

The programs are open only to students with at least five years’ experience, and both are run as lockstep cohorts, so those in the programs automatically enjoy the benefit of forming a network of talented, experienced, driven professionals who they’ll work closely with in group and project work over the course of their studies. The shared experience of traveling, learning and achieving as a group goes far deeper than just being in the same classroom — something we’ve heard again and again from our successful alumni. 

I’d be happy to speak with you more about our weekend programs and how they represent the best fit for your professional development. Please contact me so we can speak more about this opportunity.



Brian Rothschild
Director, Graduate Management Programs 
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In their words: 
The Stevens Weekend

“No other program had this real technological focus on business that we do, and that business today is global. And if business is global and technology is global, then what better way to get a handle on that than to include a study trip to a country that is a comp threat to the U.S., and is putting lots of effort into the tech domain?” 

Murrae Bowden, professor