Information Sessions

Stevens regularly hosts information sessions to give prospective students a closer look at the ideas behind the programs, the courses students will take and the expected outcomes as a result of their studies. 

Please consult the schedule below for a list of upcoming information sessions. With the exception of open houses at the Morristown Hyatt and Woodbridge Hilton hotels, all information sessions are delivered online, allowing you to participate from the convenience of your office or home.

You can register for an upcoming session here or, to learn more, contact: 

Brian Rothschild 
Director, Management Programs
(201) 216-3677
[email protected]

Directions to the Hyatt Morristown can be found here


Month Day Time Session
May 27 12:00PM Webinar
May 27 6:00PM Webinar
June 4 12:00PM Webinar
June 4 5:00PM Webinar
June 8 12:00PM Webinar
June 8 5:00PM Webinar
June 17 12:00PM Webinar
June 17 6:00PM Webinar
June 25 9:00AM Webinar
June 25 12:00PM Webinar
June 30 12:00PM Webinar
June 30 5:00PM Webinar