Alumni Profiles

Karan Sorensen

CIO and Vice President Information Management

Johnson and Johnson

Pharmaceutical Research and Development

EMTM 3 - Class of 1997


"The EMTM program and the faculty at Stevens have provided a foundation where new ideas can be investigated, nurtured, and shared. I attribute much of my fast-track success as an executive to the knowledge and skills I developed in the EMTM program with the help of the Stevens faculty."




Christine Ann Miller

Associate Director
R&D Operations Planning 
Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EMTM 14 (Class of 2007)

"During the EMTM program, I was exposed to the business practices and strategies employed by other industries, which I learned in many cases could be applied to  my industry.  I was able to learn not only from case studies presented in the course work and from professors, but also from my classmates as well. This exposure to different ideas was extremely important in my development and allowed me to be more strategic in my thinking."



Owen M. Barton

Information Security
SunGard Availability Services, LP

(Class of 2009)


"EMTM program’s focus on executive communication and presentation skills. This thread ran through the entire program and I can attest from personal experience that these skills have served my career extremely well. I also benefited from the deep wealth of experience of both the professors and the students in the program. The wealth of knowledge and real-life experience from all the professors within the program are world class."



Robert Pettiford


Business Director, Voice over IP Product 


(Class of 2005)


"The EMTM program gave me the tools to become a leader in AT&T's VoIP Product management organization where I'm shaping the future of telecommunication the world largest telecommunication company. Without entering the EMTM program, I would never have had the confidence or the skills set to make the transition from sales and product management."



Stephen Fecho, Jr.


Manager, Market Intelligence Center of Expertise

Global Procurement

Merck & Co., Inc.
EMTM 13 – Class of 2006  MBA TM – Class of 2007


 "The EMTM/EMBA program allowed me to think more strategically, lead with emotional intelligence and build my confidence to interact with senior management."



Bill Judge


Division Vice President, Manufacturing
Hartz Mountain
EMTM 10 - Class of 2002


"I was frequently able to implement the EMTM class work the following day in my job. I can tell you there were many round-table discussions that took place in my office throughout my participation in the program, which led to rapid implementation of procedures and processes that had been taught in class."



Marshall Shah


Product Marketing Management, Principle software 

Managing Principal, Shah Management & Company LLC 
EMTM 9 (Class of 2001)


"The classroom interactions with other working professionals enhanced my skills to work effectively, think differently, and collaborate on ideas as one would experience in any business environment."




Cynthia Mackewicz


President and General Manager 
Myob US Inc
EMTM 5 - Class of 1998


"EMTM provided me with a deeper understanding and real appreciation for entrepreneurial business ownership, e.g., business processes, managerial decision making, financial analysis, critical success factors, strategic planning, marketing, etc. and I continue to utilize everything learned in current business activities today."



Rich Gottesman


Senior Software Engineer
Charles River Development
EMTM 2 - Class of 1996


"The curriculum and required class work, homework, papers, and presentations were often directly tied to what I was doing on my day job, and some of the organizational initiatives going on at the time."




Matthew Gilvey


Vice President 
Coulbourne Instruments
EMTM 10 - Class of 2002


"Given its reputation for engineering and technology, studying technology management at Stevens seemed like a foregone conclusion. Having compared the Stevens EMTM program against similar programs at other schools , the Stevens program offered more in terms of accessibility, instructor reputation, and breadth of study."



Seth Tropper


Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Class of 1998 (EMTM 5)


"The EMTM program experiences were incredibly relevant to real world - and provided the foundation to build a business with knowledge and confidence."




Kimberly Cassar


Senior Marketing Director
The Hartz Mountain Corporation
Class of 2006 (EMTM 13)


"The program schedule and focused curriculum  played a critical role in my decision to join the EMTM program. My job required frequent travel, so it was important to me  to have a program that had the flexibility to meet my challenging schedule."




Kate Kemker


Computer Sciences Corporation
Class of 2004 (EMTM 11)


"The program provided me with tools, techniques, methodologies, and challenging opportunities to think like an executive and act as an entrepreneurial business leader. It broadened my range of thinking and I started to lead more strategically."




Marcelo Schnettler


Director of Global E-Business
Westcon Group, Inc.
Class of 2006 (EMTM 13)


"I feel that if you are in the field of technology or engineering, the Stevens [MBA] program is in fact the superior program."




Kaushal Shah


Assosciate Director
Point-Of-Sale, IT
Verizon Wireless
Class of 2007(EMTM 13)


"The EMTM program provided me with the tools, techniques, and methodologies that helped me maintain focus on some very challenging projects that broadened my horizons. I had begun to think and act, like an entrepreneur."