Graduate Business Programs


Technology’s continuing evolution means established business practices continue to be disrupted by innovations that introduce greater efficiency and transparency, putting analytics, real-time data and more effective ways customer communication in the hands of managers. To be successful, leaders must be able to leverage these tools to set and adjust strategies to manage projects and resources. 

At the School of Business, graduate management programs put special emphasis on the application of technology in real-world business settings to solve complex problems and seize new opportunities. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a technical professional with years of experience in the workplace, Stevens has a program designed with your career aspirations in mind.



The MBA is the flagship graduate program at the School of Business, and is available in two flavors:

The traditional MBA is for students with limited work experience who want to take on management responsibilities. Courses emphasize the use of analytics in making effective decisions, an understanding of the roles accounting and finance play in managing operations, and the ways leaders encourage entrepreneurship and agility in the workplace.

The EMBA (MBA for experienced professionals) is a weekend program for students who have been in the workplace for at least five years. Students enjoy high-level learning that prepares them for top management roles through a curriculum that emphasizes the ability to think strategically about both their business and the technology that's changing how executives approach finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, decision-making and more.

Master of Science in Technology Management 

For technical professionals, the ability to climb the corporate ladder often depends upon becoming familiar with the language of business. The Technology Management degree offers an immersion into business concepts like finance, economics, accounting and marketing, allowing these professionals to understand how their roles fit into the broader organizational context and preparing them to take on management roles.  


Master of Science in Finance 

Technology’s disruption upon finance has been dramatic, and few master’s-level programs prepare professionals to manage the sweeping changes that will continue to reshape this industry. Regulation and compliance, cybersecurity, risk management, and technology-driven opportunities are at the heart of the Stevens Finance program.


Master of Science in Enterprise Project Management 

As businesses continue to search for ways to do more with less, project managers must manage increasingly complex portfolios with fewer resources. The Enterprise Project Management degree emphasizes a strategic perspective that’s crucial to modern project management. Stevens is a registered education provider with the Project Management Institute.


Master of Science in Management 

Students with engineering and science backgrounds who have limited professional experience can get a head start in seeking their dream jobs with basic business and management training that will help them stand out in technical fields. The Management program can be completed in one year, making it ideal for students who have just completed their bachelor's degrees.



Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics Stevens School of Business - Business Intelligence and Analytics Brochure

The possibilities Big Data presents are endless. This program teaches future data scientists and analysts how to leverage Big Data analytics to improve decision-making and form actionable business strategy. Application areas include marketing, supply-chain operations, logistics and more.



Master of Science in Information Systems 

The information-intensive business environment of today requires professionals with a mix of technology management insight and applied IT experience. Students in this degree program learn to analyze and manage the information system needs of an organization to the benefit of the business.


Master of Science in Network & Communication Management & Services

Modern telecommunications professionals must understand wireless and broadband technologies, but also the networks and services that are increasingly at the core of business strategy in this space. The telecommunications program brings the latest technology and thinking to these mangers.