Message from the Director

I have spent decades working in telecommunications, and the one constant about this industry is that it never stops evolving. And the pace of today's communications and networks world is faster than ever, with new competition, shorter product life cycles, increasing cost pressures and the convergence of technologies combining to create demand for professionals who can effectively lead, manage, and deliver information and communication technology systems.

The Stevens Network & Communication Management & Services program prepares these professionals with a forward-looking curriculum that teaches them to solve problems and imagine possibilities that can improve how networks operate and business gets done. Lessons goes beyond network operations and functions to emphasize how the use of networks is evolving to help businesses meet their goals, and teach students to recognize the forces driving network evolution and the role of services in the telecommunications picture. At the same time, students develop business and management skills, so they understand not only the technical aspects of network adoption and deployment, but the financial and strategic commitments required. 

Students in NCMS degree program graduate able to take on management challenges in communications, with a thorough understanding of broadband communications, wireless networks, industry regulation and the competing business models used by the many players in this industry.  

Dr. Kevin Ryan
Program Director
[email protected]
(201) 216-5565