Master of Business Administration

The MBA program at Stevens emphasizes the potential, but also the limitations, of technology, with students learning how to interpret information and use it to make the best decisions for the enterprise. The engineering element in Stevens' DNA is felt through applied exercises that prepare managers who are comfortable rolling up their sleeves and putting theory into practice — whether in the classroom or in the boardroom. Coursework emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations, and develops creative, critical thinkers through the incorporation of the latest faculty research in management, analytics, innovation and marketing. The practical value of a Stevens MBA is reinforced through the Field Consulting Program, which pairs students with a partner company to help solve a real problem or explore an opportunity the business is considering. Students then recommend a course of action in a formal presentation to management. 

Flexible scheduling

Flexibility is at the heart of the MBA. Whether you want to pursue your degree full or part time, or want to take classes on campus, online or at your worksite, Stevens has the tools and expertise to ensure you get an immersive experience in leadership and business training. Stevens' location in Hoboken, NJ, overlooking the New York City skyline, puts it within easy reach of many corporate offices in Manhattan and northern New Jersey, and the online WebCampus platform allows students to take part in live lectures or download program content at times and places that work best for them.

Thinking differently

Stevens prepares leaders who can think differently about potential opportunities and solve complex problems through an understanding of applied business theory and practical technology training. Graduates complete their MBA degrees prepared to become transformational leaders able to drive change on a global scale. And they understand the application of technology to business, and know how to develop data-driven solutions to complex problems to create opportunities for the enterprise. That's what sets a Stevens MBA apart. Please speak with our program director to learn more about why you should turn to Stevens to get you onto the management track.