Message from the Director

In academia, much is made of the so-called "intersection of business and technology." Here at Stevens, we know that intersection is two decades in the rearview mirror. Business and technology have long been on a parallel track, with new advancements in analytics, new tools in project management and new services in marketing disrupting the way business is done and creating opportunities for agile organizations.

The Stevens MBA puts special emphasis on this disruption and how to think strategically about technology's role in solving complex business problems. A core suite of courses prepares managers to make effective decisions in crucial fundamental areas like financial management, marketing and innovation management. The core is complemented by six concentration areas that offer a deep dive into important technology disciplines and how they impact business. The result is a graduate degree that equips professionals to see the possibilities technology brings to core business functions, thereby making them effective problem solvers, innovators and leaders. 

I would be delighted to speak with you about what sets the Stevens MBA apart, and the opportunities and successes our alumni have enjoyed. Please contact me to speak in greater detail about this program. 


Brian Rothschild
Director, Graduate Management Programs 
(201) 216-3677
[email protected]