Academic Advising

Advising is a fundamental element of every graduate student’s experience. Students are urged to take advantage of the advising opportunities made available by arranging for visits or calls with their faculty academic advisor. Advisors are assigned at the time of admission and are listed in the admission packet.

Faculty academic advisors provide students practical information about how to understand their program curriculum and the administrative aspects of class selection and registration. They offer advice about how to navigate the various administrative offices at Stevens and the complexities of policies and procedures. Program academic advisors have current information regarding other programs at the Howe School, will aid you in designing a graduate study plan to meet your unique professional needs, and ensure that all degree requirements are met prior to graduation.

Experienced Professional Program – EMTM, EMBA:

EMTM/EMBA is a lock step program in which the course sequence is set at the beginning of the program. As one of the services provided by the program, enrollment is handled by the EMTM administrative staff as are other adminsitrative functions.

Dr. Murrae Bowden, EMTM/EMBA Program Director is the advisor to all students in the Experienced Professional program. Email:[email protected]

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