Master of Business Administration

The MBA program at Stevens emphasizes the potential, but also the limitations, of technology, with students learning how to interpret information and use it to make the best decisions for the enterprise. The engineering element in Stevens' DNA is felt through applied exercises that prepare managers who are comfortable rolling up their sleeves and putting theory into practice — whether in the classroom or in the boardroom. Coursework emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations, and develops creative, critical thinkers through the incorporation of the latest faculty research in management, analytics, innovation and marketing. The practical value of a Stevens MBA is reinforced through the Field Consulting Program, which pairs students with a partner company to help solve a real problem or explore an opportunity the business is considering. Students then recommend a course of action in a formal presentation to management. 

Flexibility is at the heart of the MBA. Whether you want to pursue your degree full or part time, or want to take classes on campus, online or at your worksite, Stevens has the tools and expertise to ensure you get an immersive experience in leadership and business training. 

Stevens prepares leaders who can think differently about potential opportunities and solve complex problems through an understanding of applied business theory and practical technology training. Graduates complete their MBA degrees prepared to become transformational leaders able to drive change on a global scale.


The Stevens MBA is a customizable 48-credit degree program that allows students to tailor their education to their specific career interests. Students complete 12 core courses that provide a broad overview of technology-focused management education, then round out their degree through one of six concentrations in the most in-demand areas in business. Courses in the MBA program can be delivered at our Hoboken campus or online. 

Business core

MGT 600 Financial & Managerial Accounting
MGT 606 Economics for Managers 
MGT 612 Leading People and Projects
MGT 623 Financial Management
MGT 630 Global Business and Markets
MGT 635 Managerial Judgment and Decision Making
MGT 641 Marketing Management
MGT 657 Operations Management
MGT 663 Discovering and Exploiting Entrepreneurial Opportunities
MGT 671 Technology and Innovation Management
MGT 699 Strategic Management
MGT 798 Capstone Business Simulation OR MGT 810 Field Consulting Project (full-time students only)


Stevens recognizes that modern managers must be well versed in the use of technology to accomplish goals and solve problems. To provide future leaders with the skills required in their industries, the School of Business offers six technology-flavored concentrations that go beyond the basics in business intelligence and analytics, finance, information systems, innovation and entrepreneurship, marketing, and project management. Each concentration consists of four courses that explore the ways technology will continue to evolve that particular discipline.