Message from the Director

While a bachelor's degree is good training for the challenges most technical workers face early in their careers, few academic programs in science, engineering and liberal arts incorporate the business training that helps working professionals become standouts on the job.

The skills taught in the Master of Science in Management program help ambitious professionals prepare to approach technical problems from a business perspective. This unique program, which can be completed in just one year, provides new or recent college graduates with the management and business skills that can enhance their value proposition to employers. The 30-credit curriculum will expose you to a variety of management topics — from accounting and marketing to strategy and leadership — to help you speak the language of business. Classroom work and discussions emphasize problem solving, strategic decision-making and the ability to evaluate and present ideas to managers. Courses also emphasize group work and presentations, helping you develop the leadership, communication and teamwork skills required of all professionals.  

I invite you to read on to learn more about this program, and would be happy to speak with you to answer any questions you might have about it. Please contact me so we can discuss how a Stevens degree can help you on the job.



Brian Rothschild
Director, Graduate Management Programs 
(201) 216-3677
[email protected]