Student Testimonials

“Having the opportunity to work in several very large and very different Fortune 500 companies as an IT professional (and as a women), I can flat out tell you that I did not have the right skills in place early in my career to help me meet my career objectives. My Information Systems Undergraduate Degree did not prepare me for what I needed to know even 10 years into my job. I was stalling out as a First Line Manager and was struggling as a woman in a man’s field as well. I found what I was missing in talking my career to the next level in Stevens MSIS program. It ingrained in me the need to understand the business and to personally take hold of my own career with what I learned and experienced, and to get to know as many people by leveraging those skills, and managing my relationship better, which indeed led me to find the right mentors to guide me on my path. I can say with all sincerity, I would not be where I am today without this program” Catherine M. White, Executive Director of Global Infrastructure, Architecture and Design – Diageo.

“Upon completing the program I was promoted to Director of the Information Technology Support Directorate where I managed 5 divisions staffed with 142 IT professionals providing the full suite of IT applications and support services and was responsible for $100M+ budget.” John J. Tugman, Vice President, EPS Network Solutions

“My new found Information Systems Management, Financial Control, and Project Management skills enable me to run concurrent projects more effectively.” Stanley Kules, Vice President, the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation